Shoeboxed on TV in Austin, TX

Well, I must say, Texas has been mighty nice to Shoeboxed in the past few months. Yet another large media organization covered us today. KXAN, an Austin NBC affiliate, gave a rundown of Shoeboxed’s features on their morning show today, explaining some of the ways that Shoeboxed can simplify your life, especially in this tax season that we all love so much.



They tell me that they are going to put the segment on YouTube soon, and when they do, we’ll link it here. In the meantime, they did write up a blog entry about us, especially focusing on how much scanning receipts can be a pain for business travelers, and how Shoeboxed can help.

When I’m on business trips, shoeboxed is going to be great for me in terms of keeping together the receipts I need for my expense report. And in terms of tax season, having all my receipts in one place will make things far more efficient. I’ll finally get all my receipts in order and have them online for me to access from anywhere and at anytime!


They got one thing wrong: we DON’T charge for Quicken export.

Thanks to Charlie Ray and the rest of the people that made this happen.

Travel on Business? Get Receipt Mail-In.

The other day, I was talking with one my old friends who graduated a couple of years ahead of me in college. He’s a business consultant now, and is traveling almost every day of the week.

When he’s out on the road, he has to keep track of his receipts in order to get reimbursed by his company. He said that organizing his receipts was so annoying that he finally gave in and bought a portable scanner to bring with him on his business trips. The problem with the scanner, though, was that it was hard to use and extremely time consuming. The last thing he wanted to do after a hard day of work on the road was sit in his hotel and scan receipts.

So obviously I started telling him about Shoeboxed Receipt Mail-In. This innovative new program is perfect for business travelers and anyone else that has to organize their receipts but hates the prospect of getting down and dirty with their scanner. With Mail-In, we’ll scan your receipts for you and upload them into your secure Shoeboxed account. If you can stuff an envelope, you can have your receipts organized for your expense reports, taxes, and everyday purchase tracking. Now he can just drop an envelope into the mail after each trip, and he’s good to go.

There has never been a better way. Try it out today!

Receipt Mail-In Makes Expense Reports Easy

Filling out expense reports can be a costly hassle. Business travelers have to track and convert expenses to get reimbursed. There are many methods of dealing with the annoyance we all call expense reports: costly executive assistants, time-consuming Excel expense log-sheets, expensive scanners, and, of course, Shoeboxed Receipt Mail-In. But only one of these options is both cheap and easy.

For a year, Shoeboxed will scan your receipts for $19.95/month, leaving you with basically no work to do.

One great thing about Mail-In is that it’s so simple. Put receipts in the envelope, seal, and send. You will have easy-to-use access to all of your expenditures in your Shoeboxed account. When expense report time comes around, you will be prepared to deal with it!

Who said expense reports couldn’t be cheap and easy?

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