Product Updates - Oct 23rd 2014

What’s New at Shoeboxed This Week

This week, we have a few new and exciting features to share! Read on to learn about the latest and greatest updates to your online account.

Customer Profiles - Oct 21st 2014

Expense Reporting Made Easy: A Shoeboxed Success Story

Learn how Cover Story Media, an online publishing company, uses Shoeboxed for easy expense reporting and reimbursements in our latest User Success Story.

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About Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is an expense & receipt tracking app that helps you get reimbursed quickly, maximize tax deductions, and save time and hassle doing accounting.

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Around The Box - Aug 25th 2014

How to Make Your First Expense Report [VIDEO]

Making expense reports through Shoeboxed is super simple. Watch this helpful video to create your first expense report through your online account or mobile app!

Small Business Tips - Feb 03rd 2014

The Truth About Business Travel Deductions

Business travel deductions are some of the most common deductions taken by small business owners, but they’re also the most misunderstood.

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Productivity 101 - Jan 09th 2013

Our Top 3 Ways to Make the Most of Mobile Bookkeeping

Long gone are the days when mobile bookkeeping equated to an at-home doctor’s visit […]

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