FreshBooks: The Brachiosaurus of Accounting Solutions

The brachiosaurus is the largest known species to have existed on our earth.  They were massive creatures with migratory habits necessary to sustain their large eating habits. With that in mind, it’s the perfect preface to introduce our next featured platform for our accounting solutions Dino Series: FreshBooks.

Brachiosaurus of Accounting Solutions

Freshbooks is the #1 cloud accounting specialist for small business owners, second only to Quickbooks Online in North America. For years FreshBooks has been the ‘big guy’ in online billing and invoicing because of its easy to use functionality, broad-spectrum industry application and out of this world customer service (we can attest firsthand to their great customer service!).

With its heritage in billing, FreshBooks recently began a new and exciting migration route down the path of cloud based accounting solutions.  Their herd of loyal users have taken advantage of the accounting style reports for years and have long described the platform as their preferred choice of accounting solutions, so this new path was no surprise to us. Over the past four years, FreshBooks’ enormous full feature set of tools have uncovered a fresh business trail for this growing company and their 4.5 million users are more than happy to follow this jolly long neck on its newest adventure.

Being the largest creature to ever grace our earth, an adult Brachiosaurus didn’t have any predators (must be nice!). Similarly, it’s pretty tough to find any competition that stacks up against FreshBooks in the invoice/billing world. Their recent product introductions (such as: expense-tracking capabilities, profit and loss statements and more) have already become invaluable assets to their new accounting solutions positioning. Here is what you can expect from our Brachiosaurus friends at FreshBooks:

FreshBooks Strengths:

  • Easy to use and great customer service
  • Easy external collaboration
  • Project and document management
  • Numerous add-ons/integrated sites (like Shoeboxed!)
  • Cloud-based and compatible with multiple devices
  • Completely affordable (most expensive plan is $39.95, excluding add-ons)

FreshBooks Weaknesses:Brachiosaurus of Accounting Solutions

  • Not designed for every kind of business’ accounting needs
  • Isn’t an in-depth/all-in-one accounting solution (BUT integrates with other accounting platforms to fill any gaps)
  • Can get pricey if you need multiple staff members to have access

FreshBooks is best for business owners who:

  • Are in the service industry (lawyers, therapists, plumbers etc.)
  • Are swamped with managing receivables
  • Own small businesses looking to scale
  • Work directly with their accountant and/or other accounting platforms
  • Are freelancers
  • Own a company that outsources a great deal of work to freelancers

With its famously long neck, the Brachiosaurus appeared to have its head in the clouds. But we don’t look at that as a bad thing. In fact, with the future of computing moving more and more into the cloud, FreshBooks is actually leading the way for many small business owners.

Don’t get stuck in the Mesozoic Period when looking at accounting solutions for your business: consider migrating with FreshBooks! You might be pleasantly surprised how helpful its feature set is at helping you with your business’ needs.

Is FreshBooks your preferred choice out of all of the accounting solutions? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Best Practices for Collecting Reimbursable Expenses from Clients

Shoeboxed Nation!

We wrote a guest post on the  Freshbooks blog with tips for collecting reimbursable expenses from clients, and we thought we would share it with you.

In case you didn’t know already, Freshbooks is the easiest way to invoice your clients and get paid faster. Hundreds of small businesses and freelancers use Shoeboxed and Freshbooks together to free themselves from paperwork and focus on their work. Both Shoeboxed and Freshbooks have free trials, so check both out if you haven’t already, and tell us what you think of the integration!

You can read the full post here. Some things you will learn:

  • Three key rules to make collecting reimbursable expenses from clients a breeze.
  • How to avoid common mistakes that could lose you money, your client or both!
  • What expenses should your clients pay for?
  • What is the optimal way of billing for reimbursable expenses from a tax perspective?
  • Should I submit an expense report? (OK, this is an easy one, the answer is Yes. Why wouldn’t you? It creates goodwill all around, and it only takes one click with Shoeboxed.)

If you have any other tips or comments, please leave them below. We’d love to hear them!

Stay Organized,
The Shoeboxed Team

Organizing the World: The Faces of Shoeboxed part V (featuring the one and only FreshBooks!)

While Shoeboxed takes enormous pride in helping clients from all around the world stay organized, we’re also reminded daily that much of what we allow our hundreds of thousands of users to do wouldn’t be possible without all of our great integrated partners and the myriad of services they provide.

With that in mind, in this issue of “Organizing the World” we are thrilled to team up with our good friends at FreshBooks, who have turned the once time consuming and daunting task of invoicing into a simple, painless and automated process.

Users from far and wide use Shoeboxed and FreshBooks together to effortlessly transform piles of paper receipts into professional-looking invoices. The end result is that individuals and small business owners get paid faster, look professional and spend more time focusing on what they love to do.

An Officeless, Paperless, Accidental Magazine Business
… and how we’ve managed to keep it going with Shoeboxed and FreshBooks

“If it wasn’t for companies like Shoeboxed and FreshBooks our original idea and business would have crumbled into an unorganized void of obscurity and dysfunction many, many years ago.”

-Russell Eggleston

Introducing: Russell Eggleston

Profession: Magazine Publisher

Location: British Columbia, Canada


Twitter: @NorthernGroove


About Russell:

Russell Eggleston is a magazine publisher and “accidental” small business owner of Northern Groove, a magazine that promotes the local art and culture of Fort St. John, British Colombia. He started with the goal to promote local artists, events, and get people involved in Fort St. John community more than they ever had before.  In essence, he created an arts and entertainment scene where one didn’t exist.

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