The Secret Link Between High Gas Prices and Lower Taxes

America is a country of drivers. In fact, the average vehicle in the US is driven 15,000 per year. It’s no wonder that gas prices substantially impact our spending habits! Although no one wants to pay more money for gas, we’ve found a link between higher gas prices and lower taxes. Check out our infographic to learn more!

Many of us remember the days when gas cost under $2 per gallon — hey, some of us even remember when it was under $1! Needless to say, times have changed. Today, the lowest gas price you’re likely to find at any pump in the United States is just over $3.

The USA has the third highest number of vehicles per capita, falling behind tiny countries San Marino and Monaco, so the amount of money we spend to power those vehicles is an astronomical figure. But did you ever think there might be an upside to spending more money on gas? We’re here to tell you there is!

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Check out our latest infographic below to find the secret link between high gas prices and lower taxes.

High Gas Prices and Lower Taxes Infographic by Shoeboxed

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