The 10 Most Wanted Christmas Presents

Based on data from Google searches this year, Forbes has determine the most popular items this year for Christmas gifts. It appears that consumers are dreaming of electronics this year. Nine of the top 10 most wanted gifts are gadgets, from music players (3) to video games and consoles (4) to digital photography toys (2), Americans have seriously gone digital.

Ugg Boots are the only non-gadget to make the list, as it appears they have come back the forefront of pop-fashion after a brief hiatus.

So what are the lessons learned? If you’re not desperately suffering in this tanking economy, your friends and relatives are probably hoping you get them one of the following:

  • Nintendo Wii: If you can get your hands on one, the remote-controlled Wii is good, clean fun.
  • Wii Fit: The most popular game for Nintendo Wii, featuring fitness activies like yoga and aerobics
  • iPod Touch: Like the iPod, but with Internet access where you don’t have to for a data plan
  • iPod Nano: Smaller and cheaper, and without the Internet connection
  • Xbox 360: With this year’s hot gaming console, you can play other people from around the world in real time
  • Nintendo DS: This handheld video game system has great color graphics and a 6-hour battery life
  • Ugg Boots: Whether or not you think they are high fashion, they are one of the most searched gifts for the year
  • Nikon D90: A 12.9 mexapixel digital camera, this Nikon is the only camera in the top 10
  • Zune: The Microsoft version of the iPod has a big hard drive and an FM tuner
  • Digital Picture Frame: Preserve your memories forever by framing your digital photos into a moving slideshow
The Nintendo Wii is the most searched-for gift this Christmas
The Nintendo Wii is the most searched-for gift this Christmas

Holiday Gifts: The Thought Really IS What Counts

Everyone knows the old adage oft-repeated in this gift-giving time of the year: It’s the thought that counts. Recent studies by researchers at Stanford may have found hard evidence that this old saying is true.

Though gift givers assume that more expensive gifts will be appreciated more by the recipients, this is not necessarily true, according to a recent study conducted by two investigators from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In one example, the researchers examined the giving and receiving of engagement rings. The more men spent on an engagement ring, the more they thought the rings they had bought were appreciated by their fiances. Fiances, however, report that they were more appreciative of the more expensive rings.

“This shows that men shouldn’t feel bad if they can’t afford to buy the ring they really want,” says Frank Flynn, associate professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a co-researcher on the study. “The fact that the thought counts more than the price tag is important for people to realize, especially in these challenging economic times when people are really strapped for cash.”

Expensive Presents: Are They Worth It?
Expensive Presents: Are They Worth It?

So will everyone be ditching the iPods, cashmere and other common high-end gifts this year and replacing them with home-made cards and Penne necklaces? According the behavioral economics literature, consumers will likely continue the behavior they exhibited in the study, and continue to purchase gifts for more than recipients value them.

But if you are looking for a last-minute gift this year and are strapped for cash in these hard economic times, take some solace in the fact that smaller gestures and less expensive gifts may be more meaningful than an outrageously excessive purchase.

“You simply don’t have to spend that extra hundred dollars to get the same level of appreciation for a gift,” observes co-researcher Gabrielle Adams, a doctoral student in organizational behavior at the Business School.

For ideas on home-made gift ideas that you can give this holiday season, head to the Five Cent Nickel.

Holiday Gift Guide 2008

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