Receipt Tracking of the Future Using Google Glass

By now we’ve all heard the buzz surrounding Google Glass. While the newest product from Google may not be the most stylish technology accessory available, it may be the most innovative. The possibilities of how this eyewear could change our lives are endless.

While the public is excited about the possibility of getting directions, checking the time, and finding answers to their questions without lifting a finger, developers are anxious to get their hands on the Google Mirror API. The API allows third-party apps to develop integrations with Google Glass devices, called Glassware, which could potentially overhaul our current workflows and change the way we think about technology.

Companies like Evernote and Path have already released previews of possible integrations, so we’re giving you a preview of how receipt tracking Glassware could revolutionize the way you manage your receipts. Continue reading “Receipt Tracking of the Future Using Google Glass”