Apple Receipts: Never Lose Them

If we’ve learned anything since we started this thing a couple of years ago, it’s that receipts are important. And that you should keep them. Especially if you buy Apple products.

We’ve praised Apple a few times for their leadership in offering email receipts in their retail stores. Paving a way for the future, we appreciate Apple’s willingness to forgo the ubiquitous paper receipt.

But there have been many instances where Apple has proven the importance of keeping those receipts in a safe place. Back when they reduced the price of the first iPhone by $200, we blogged about Apple’s receipt-required return policy. Those with Shoeboxed accounts rejoiced, as they were reimbursed.

Last summer I went to get new headphones from Apple when my iPod earbuds stopped working. I printed out my Shoeboxed receipt and brought it in. I rejoiced, as I traded them in for free.

Now with the new iPhone coming out in only a couple of months, those who just bough the old iPhone will be eligible to exchange their old one for a snazzy 3G iPhone. Those with Shoeboxed accounts will rejoice, for they will get 3G iPhones.


You might want to sit down for this. We’re about to announce our best prize EVER.

An IPHONE is on the line today, people. Get ready. We’ve got an iPhone sitting in our office, and we’re just waiting to give it out.

So who will be the lucky winner? Well, here’s how it’s going to work.

If you can talk with 5 people and have them sign up for Receipt Mail-In (any level plan), you’ll be eligible to win!

By participating, you’ll have a great chance of winning this unbelievable piece of technology.

Shoeboxed Giving Away an iPhone

So talk to everyone you know, get your boss or your employees to sign up, give your kids Mail-In for their birthdays, heck, buy it for yourself! Anything you can do to sign people up gets you that much closer to owning the coolest phone in the world!

Once you think you’ve gotten 5 people to sign up, email us their names, and we’ll double check to make sure they’ve signed up. Once you have 5, you’re automatically entered.

I’m so excited! Somebody’s getting an IPHONE!!!

I Hope You Kept Your iPhone Receipt

On Wednesday, Apple announced that it will reduce the price of its much-hyped iPhone from $599 to $399 for its 8GB model. The new price is still a little out of my budget, so I don’t have one yet. It was completely different story, though, for those people that had bought them before the reduction. They were a little angry.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, apparently got hundreds of personal e-mails from furious costumers about the price reduction. Imagine buying a full-priced iPhone on Tuesday, only to wake up to the news of the price reduction. Ouch.

In response to the outrage, Jobs, in a great PR move, posted a letter on the Apple website. In the letter, he explained that he thought his decision to reduce the price was the right move, but compromised with iPhone buyers by offering them a $100 credit that can be used toward the purchase of other Apple products.

Some people think this is brilliant, some people are just steaming mad. Over here at Shoeboxed, I’m just thinking, “I hope they have their receipts.” The only thing worse than paying $200 more than everybody else for your cell phone is losing out on the $100 of free Apple stuff too because you can’t prove that you actually bought the iPhone.

If any of these early iPhone adopters was using Shoeboxed, though, it couldn’t be easier for them to walk into the Apple store, show them their receipt and cash in on that store credit. Apple offers e-mail receipts for any purchase, no matter if it was purchased online or in one of their brick-and-mortar stores. If you bought an iPhone and had the receipt sent to Shoeboxed, you are in the clear. And if you chose to opt-out of the e-mail receipt option at Apple, you could have scanned your receipt into your Shoeboxed account, and saved it.

You never know when your receipts are going to come in handy. Who knows, that crumpled one in your wallet might be worth $100 one day…