Receipt Organizer, Spam Fighter, Killer

Excitement continues to build around the Shoeboxed idea. Most people we meet are loving it, and that is certainly and understandably very motivating. But what’s always really awesome is when people we haven’t met love the idea too.

About a month ago, one such stranger decided that we were a cool company with a worthy idea. This person wrote up a little review for a website called KillerStartups. Not only is sort of validating to be on a website with such a suggestive name, but apparently the readers of that site agreed with the reviewer. Readers have the opportunity to voice their opinion about which startups featured on the site will go on to become “Killers.” We had more than 100 votes in the last few weeks, making us the 3rd most popular startup featured this month on the well-read website.
Shoeboxed on KillerStartups

Thanks to everyone who voted! And be sure to tell your friends that you organize receipts on one of the most killing-est sites on the web!