Spiffy Shoeboxed Laptops

I’ll be honest, I’m not the most enthusiastic shopper. I don’t like going to the mall. Once I find a shirt I like, I will purchase one in each color and two in black to extend the time in between shopping trips.

But if there’s one thing I always fall for, it’s customized products. An iPod with my quote on the side? I’ll take it. A track suit with “Alex” printed on the derriere? Yep. A cubic zirconia mouth grill that says “Brazil”? Hello! Make it two.

This is why I had a small heart attack when the German company Dein Design gave the Shoeboxed team spiffy laptop skins with the Shoeboxed logo (you can see mine in the picture). The skins don’t just rock, they also protect your computer from scratches so it will always look like new.

Laptop skin from DeinDesign

How Dein Design actually gets the skins for laptops, iPods, or IKEA tables to apply without any bubbles is completely beyond me (something to do with the honeycomb design- yeah, no idea). How the skins can be removed without damaging my computer so I can replace them with other skins is also a mystery.

All I know is that it’s cool, individual, and available online. Which means I can buy it without setting foot in a mall and store my receipt safely at shoeboxed.com. I’ll take two, please!