Introducing: The Magic Envelope!

We know that one of the things our users love most about Shoeboxed is our prepaid envelope service. Our famous Magic Envelope feature allows users to rid their life of paper clutter in the most effortless way possible without paying for shipping!

Since 2007 we’ve heard our envelopes described in a lot of ways: convenient, awesome, live-saving, easy to use, fantastic. However, our favorite was the user who declared that our envelopes just made paper clutter vanish, like magic!

Shoeboxed Magic Envelope

With that in mind, beginning today we are thrilled to introduce the new Shoeboxed Magic Envelope! Our new Magic Envelopes provide the same great service they always have. Only now this service comes with a little extra enchantment, courtesy of Shoeboxed.

As always, simply stuff your Magic Envelope full of receipts, bills, business cards, and other paper clutter, drop it in the mail, and watch your paper clutter vanish before your eyes! Your documents will then appear automatically in your online Shoeboxed account a few days later.

Our Magic Envelope feature is available to all Classic and Business plan users in the US and Australia. Moreover, Shoeboxed offers users free shipping both ways.

Want to watch your paper clutter vanish with our Magic Envelope? Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Shoeboxed or upgrade your account today!

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If you have any feedback or questions about our new Magic Envelopes please reach us 24/7 at or give us a shout on Twitter @ShoeboxedHelp.

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Stay (magically) organized,

The Shoeboxed Team.