Shoeboxed Power Tip #3: Magic Envelopes

Shoeboxed Power Tips show you how to easily integrate Shoeboxed into your lifestyle. In this video, you’ll learn how to maximize your experience using our service using Magic Envelopes.

Welcome to another installment of Shoeboxed Power Tips!

Each tip in the series features an instructional video about how to integrate Shoeboxed seamlessly into your existing workflows and maximize your experience using our service.

This Power Tip features our Director of Operations, Sam Glover, who is responsible for the coming and going of all Magic Envelopes here at Shoeboxed. Sam is the perfect person to share some tips on sending in your paper clutter using our mail-in service, as he ensures every envelope is processed quickly and accurately here at Shoeboxed.

Shoeboxed Magic EnvelopeA convenient feature of Shoeboxed for Classic plans and higher is our Magic Envelopes (in the US and Australia). Each month, simply fill your magic envelope with receipts, bills and any documents you’d like, and drop it in the mail. Once we safely receive your documents, we’ll scan and digitize them, turning them into useful data for you.

If you have any multi-page documents, like invoices or bank statements, just make sure to paperclip or staple the pages together– they’ll be scanned in as a single document in your account, and only count as one credit!

For a completely paperless lifestyle, opt out of having your documents returned and select our certified green shred and recycle option in your Account Settings. With your organized digital archive, there’s no need to keep the paper!

Stay tuned for more Shoeboxed Power Tips to simplify your life and conquer paper clutter.

In the meantime, stay organized out there!
The Shoeboxed Team

Print Coversheets Directly from Your Account

We’ve added a “Print Coversheet” button to your account so that now it’s easier than ever to generate and print unique coversheets to include in your boxes and envelopes of paper clutter!

Print Coversheet ButtonWhether you’re a Shoeboxed Lite user, shipping items to us from an international location, or simply have too much paper clutter to fit in one of our pre-paid envelopes, now you can print a coversheet effortlessly from your account to include with your package. Every coversheet has a unique code, so we know it’s yours.

To print a coversheet click on the “Manage Envelopes” link from your Shoeboxed Dashboard. Then, simply click on the “Print Coversheet” button and we’ll generate a unique coversheet for you. Finally, click on “Print this sheet,” throw it in your box or envelope of paper clutter and send it on over!

Tip: Trying to save ink? Use the same coversheet as many times as you’d like. If we’re returning your documents feel free to use the same coversheet with your next shipment of paper clutter!

If you have any feedback or questions about our new “Print Coversheet” button please reach us 24/7 at or give us a shout on Twitter @Shoeboxed.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as more upgrades and fun new features are released!

Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team