What People Are Saying About Shoeboxed

We’ve been getting a lot of really great reviews since we launched our site back in July, and the compliments and endorsements are coming faster than ever after we announced our new Shoeboxed Mail-In program. And I, for one, am not afraid to be excited about that. In fact, I’m thrilled.

In order to share some of the feedback we’ve been getting from press outlets and all you users out there, we’ve created a brand new press page, and we’ll be creating a testimonials page in the next couple of days.

We’ve already got a healthy list of users that have sent us great feedback, but if you’d like to be included on this feedback page, we’d be happy to hear from you!

As always, feel free to send these messages over to help@team.shoeboxed.com.

And make sure to check out how much the press likes to organize receipts on Shoeboxed! We’ve received so much press so much faster than we thought, and it’s been great! From major national newspapers like The Wall Street Journal to some of the most highly trafficked blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable, and LifeHacker, our name has been getting around!

Shoeboxed on Mashable Again!

Mashable was one of the first blogs to ever cover us after our launch this summer, which was really great for us. It brought us a lot of traffic that we weren’t really expecting right away. It’s one of the better-read blogs online, and we want to give a warm welcome to everybody coming from the article they wrote about us today. If all you new people have any questions, let us know at help@shoeboxed.com.

Today, Mashable is again breaking some great news about Shoeboxed to the world. It’s the first major blog we talked to about our new Shoeboxed Mail-In service, and they are doing a big promotion with us. Everybody who comes to Shoeboxed through the link they put in the article will be eligible to get Shoeboxed Mail-In at a discount ($5/month) for the first 6 months.

This is a great deal, and we are excited to have so many people already coming to us and signing up for this awesome service. There are few entries below talking about how Shoeboxed Mail-In can help save you time and money, and maybe a little of your sanity as well, especially during this busy shopping season.

Organizing receipts has never been easier, and Shoeboxed is committed to making receipts as manageable and trackable as possible!

Shoeboxed on Mashable!

A few months ago, a couple of us were joking around about how cool it would be to be featured on Mashable.com, a popular blog about online social networks and Web 2.0 news. It’s extraordinarily well read (it has, by several reports, several hundred thousand subscribers, and many more viewers per day), and we are happy to report that we’re not joking about Mashable anymore.

Duke startup, shoeboxed.com, featured on Mashable!

We’re on it. Kristen Nicole, a lead writer of the blog, wrote an entry about us today, and we’re super excited.

Along with this morning’s coverage on Rocketboom and Genbeta, we’ve received a lot of good coverage from the blog community, which is very encouraging.

Not everyone is getting on ShoeTrain just yet though. One commenter on the Mashable article, and one one the Rocketboom article from earlier today each wrote comments with concerns about Shoeboxed’s privacy policy, and I think they are worth addressing here. These commenters understand the value of their purchase histories, and they want to make sure that Shoeboxed is not going to distribute their data in any way. They pointed out that the way our privacy policy was phrased was a little vague. We don’t disagree!

We are currently working on changing the privacy policy wording to indicate what we actually want to convey: that we will never distribute your personal information and never use that information to send you unsolicited e-mail!! We’re dedicated to protecting privacy and preserving the personal nature of e-mail; that’s the whole point, and we’re stickin’ to it ’till the end.

And for those of you that are on the ShoeTrain, buckle up, because we’re moving rather fast!