Economic Stimulus: Where Will Jobs Be Created?

As President Barack Obama seeks to get Congressional approval for an economic stimulus package by mid February, it is interesting to look at where the proposed stimulus would create jobs. The Wall Street Journal has released information about where jobs would be created, as released in a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The total number of jobs expected to be created is 3,675,000.

Obama Is Seeking Congressional Approval For An Economic Stimulus Package
Obama Is Seeking Congressional Approval For An Economic Stimulus Package

The most jobs will be created in government jobs as government spending increases. Construction jobs, which will increase by almost 7 million jobs, will experience the largest percentage increase in jobs.

Industry Jobs Created Number of jobs in industry* Percent increase
Mining 26,000 802,000 3.0%
Construction 678,000 6,833,000 9.9%
Manufacturing — Total 408,000 12,981,000 3.1%
Wholesale Trade 158,000 5,909,400 2.7%
Retail Trade 604,000 14,965,500 4.0%
Information 50,000 2,933,000 1.7%
Financial Activities 214,000 8,104,000 2.6%
Professional and Business Services 345,000 17,450,000 2.0%
Education and Health Services 240,000 19,104,000 1.2%
Leisure and Hospitality 499,000 13,468,000 3.7%
Other Services 99,000 5,467,000 1.8%
Utilities 11,000 564,400 1.9%
Transportation and Warehousing 98,000 4,393,800 2.2%
Government — Total 244,000 22,514,000 1.1%

Receipts Get Political

Receipts are often annoying, but they can be a powerful force in the world. They are important records of our daily lives, and they play a role in many parts of our lives, including politics.

Apparently, to drive the point home about gas prices to Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a Cincinnati Congressman hand-delivered some of his constituents’ gas receipts to her on the House floor.

Cincinnati Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) gave dozens of gas receipts from Cincinnati drivers to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Todd Lindgren, a spokesperson for Chabot said the Congressman has been looking for the Speaker for a couple of days.  He spotted her on the House floor Thursday and hand delivered the receipts and a letter.

Last week, Chabot started asking constituents to send him copies of gas receipts.  Lindgren said Chabot is trying to get Pelosi to act on any legislation that will reduce gas prices.

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