Shoeboxed and Nexonia Partner for Dead Simple Expense Reporting

Nexonia and Shoeboxed, two leading companies in online expense management, today announced a partnership to scan paper receipts and transform them into digital expense reports. Starting today, users that use Shoeboxed’s online receipt management service can integrate the receipt information to Nexonia’s Web-based service, where they can manage and analyze expenses and create professional expense reports.

Shoeboxed and Nexonia have integrated to streamline the expense report generation process
Shoeboxed and Nexonia have integrated to streamline the expense report generation process

Shoeboxed, the leader in online receipt management, scans paper receipts and business cards that users mail in and automatically organizes the receipts so they can be used for taxes, bookkeeping, budgeting, insurance claims, expense reports and invoices. With this new integration with Nexonia, Shoeboxed users can now have Nexonia create their expense reports directly from the receipts they have on Shoeboxed.

“Everybody wants to get reimbursed for their expenses, but nobody wants to spend the time scanning their receipts,” said Taylor Mingos, Shoeboxed’s CEO. “With this partnership, you can mail in a pile of business cards to Shoeboxed, and create professional expense reports on Nexonia without doing any of the hard work yourself.”

“We love the integration with Shoeboxed because our customers not only have their receipts professionally scanned but Shoeboxed goes one step further and gives us the date, amount and vendor automatically. It’s a great improvement in efficiency.” said Neil Wainwright, Nexonia’s CEO.

If you haven’t tried Shoeboxed or Nexonia, you should definitely check out how they can make you and your business more efficient! Also, if you are using one and not the other, this new integration is really a great way to make your expenses process more smooth.

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