Meet & Greet Our Newest Shoeboxers, Megan and Emily!

Shoeboxed is growing at a fast pace, and not just in its user base!

This month Shoeboxed added two snazzy new team members to our ranks here at SBX HQ in Durham, NC. And we just wanted to take a minute to introduce them to you!

Meet Emily Farrar (@emilycfarrar), Shoeboxed’s awesome new Lead Customer Advocate, and Megan Carriker (@megancarriker), Shoeboxed’s rockstar Office Manager!

So, Emily. Tell us about yourself!
I’m originally from Greensboro, NC. I studied Public Relations in the Journalism School at UNC, and my professional background is in social media, search marketing and public relations. I love good music, Harry Potter and Foursquare. I’m also a vegetarian, grammar perfectionist, iPhone addict and Tar Heel fan. When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, tweeting, going out and watching reality TV.

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