Hand Out More Business Cards

With the large number of companies that print business cards, it is relatively easy to order your own business cards. You can design your own in just a few minutes and order hundreds to arrive in your office or home in just a few days.

But it just might be too easy to order business cards. The first batch I ever had was 500 cards, but I didn’t even come close to using them all. Business cards often go out of date, so you want to make sure you use all of them before:

  • You change addresses
  • You change phone numbers
  • Your company changes its logo or branding
  • You change jobs
  • Your business cards become otherwise irrelevant
  • You just get sick of the design you have

In order to make sure you are not ordering more than you can distribute, there are a couple of different options:

Order your business cards in smaller batches. By ordering fewer business cards in each batch that you buy, you will reduce the chances that you are wasting any. Also, if you have a smaller batch, you will have an easier time budgeting in more expensive options, like printing in full color or on higher quality paper.

Create business cards with a lasting design. A classic look is going to last longer than one with a crazy design. You want your card to be fresh, but you don’t want it to reference pop culture or go with a flash-in-the-pan design trend.

Order your cards from a professional printer. Sure, you can print your own business cards, but everyone will know. The low quality is very noticeable when you print your own business cards, so you want to make sure that you are printing with a professional. It’s no use giving out cards if they make a bad impression. This will give you the opportunity to have more cards to give out as well!

Find excuses to distribute your business cards. Your business cards should not be kept guarded under lock and key and saved for only the select few of your closest business contacts. You want your business cards out there in the wild, and it is your job to set them free. Distributing more business cards helps you avoid wasting them when they are outdated, but is also a great way to market yourself and your business. We put together a list of ways to get rid of your business cards to help you get them out in the world:

  • Get in the habit of writing more thank-you notes. Every time you write one, whether it be to a client, a friend, or a business partner, include a business card in the envelope. If you are sending holiday cards this year, that is also a great excuse to get your cards in the mail.
  • Include a business card in all your mail correspondence, including bills.
  • If you are going to a networking event, make sure to bring plenty of business cards and keep them in a very accessible place (i.e. not in your wallet). You’ll be more inclined to give them away if you have them in a convenient spot.
  • Even when you are not at a networking event, you should always be on the prowl, looking for an opportunity to exchange business cards with anyone.
  • Drop your business cards into those fishbowl giveaways. If you can make your business card visible to other people that see the giveaway option, you just got some free marketing.
  • Leave your business cards on tables at restaurants and other places where someone might see them.
  • Keep a stash of business cards outside of your office so that anyone who drops by when you are not there can contact you.