Digital Receipts and the Future of Online Organization

According to several high-tech retailers and technology firms, popular chains will start to offer emailed receipts when a product is purchased either online or in-store. Over the course of the next several years, shoppers will be given the opportunity to eliminate the hassle of organizing their paper receipts by choosing to accept digital receipts.

If email receipts are accepted as an industry standard among major retailers in the United States, shoppers will no longer have to worry about losing receipts because there will always be a copy stored online. Email receipts would represent an eco-friendly alternative that would help eliminate the need for unwanted paper receipts. They would be stored in a private database so that their information remains secure. Additionally, paperless transactions would improve the efficiency of transactions and would allow retailers to more accurately track consumer behavior.

Unfortunately, this may mean that your inbox will be filled with more and more receipts and promotional spam in the coming months. And even worse, you will be forced to give out your personal email address for all your impersonal transactions. Also, email receipts will continue to pile up in your inbox, but there will be no way to view and manage all of your receipts in one place. will automatically organize and manage these digital receipts for you and prevent corporate spam from reaching your inbox. Now you’ll have an easy way to track your purchases and keep your email address safe, secure, and personal.