Join the Shoeboxed Team at Paradoxos!

For the second year in a row, Shoeboxed is proud to be a sponsor of PARADOXOS, a one-of-a-kind festival in downtown Durham, N.C. This year’s festival will pack ideas, collaboration, fun and innovation into April 9-12, 2014.

For the second year in a row, Shoeboxed is proud to be a sponsor of PARADOXOS, a one-of-a-kind festival in downtown Durham, N.C.

This year’s festival will pack ideas, collaboration, fun and innovation into April 9-12, 2014. The schedule includes events that will show off all the awesome stuff happening in the tech, art, food, music, beer and nightlife scenes in Durham. PARADOXOS features a wide variety of events so it’s sure to appeal to everyone, including the construction of a Rube Goldberg machine, a pub crawl, a trivia night, a dynamic speaker event called The NEXT, art installations and the best food trucks Durham has to offer.

If you’re located in the Triangle (or are in the mood for a roadtrip to Durham), we’d love for you to join us at the festival! Just for being an awesome Shoeboxed customer, you can get 25% off a festival pass! Grab yours here.

Paradoxos 2013 Celebrated Ideas and Innovation in Durham

Here at Shoeboxed, we’re still recovering from the first ever Paradoxos, a two-day event that celebrates ideas, collaboration and entrepreneurship in our hometown of Durham, N.C. Hear the team’s thoughts on the event and see some great photos from Paradoxos in this post!

Here at Shoeboxed, we’re still recovering from the first ever Paradoxos, a two-day event celebrating ideas, collaboration and creativity in our hometown of Durham, N.C.

Designed to bring together our 80+ local startups, restaurants and breweries that call the Tastiest Town in the South home, and entrepreneurs from all over, Paradoxos was a great success at its stated mission of achieving the “maximum collisions of ideas and people” on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Shoeboxed was out in full force throughout both days of the event, helping out and interviewing attendees on the popular Red Couch.

Paradoxos Day 1

Shoeboxed Team Paradoxos
The Shoeboxed Team at Paradoxos.

Paradoxos started on Thursday morning with Triangle Startup Factory Pitch Day at the Carolina Theater. Each of the five TSF startups pitched their companies and products to a receptive crowd of local entrepreneurs, freelancers and (perhaps most importantly) investors. It was especially exciting to see the two startups with whom we share a connection present their pitches. TabSprint, a mobile payment solution designed for bars and nightclubs, got jumpstarted at a Shoeboxed Hackathon and worked out of our office for several months. The other startup that we were especially keen to watch was BringMeThat, an online food delivery solution that’s already acquired customers and is growing quickly, since our COO/CFO Tobi Walter is their mentor and introduced the company before their pitch. All five startups did a fantastic job and made us truly appreciate the amazing talent and innovation we have here in Durham. The event was followed by a rainy (but fun!) food truck rodeo at CCB Plaza downtown, and then an after party at local pub Bull McCabe’s.

Paradoxos Day 2

jake couch paradoxos
Our marketing manager Jake Brereton interviewing David Baldwin of Baldwin&.

On Friday, Paradoxos attendees headed back to the Carolina Theater for The NEXT, a series of 5-minute presentations called “rants” from entrepreneurs and interesting folk from Durham and beyond. Speakers included David Baldwin of ad agency Baldwin&, Alison Dorsey of LinkedIn, Paul Singh of, our CEO Taylor Mingos, and more! Taylor gave a quick rant about “Recent Advances in Technology That Even Non-Geeks Should be Geeking Out About.” His talk was so interesting and full of enthusiasm that he was voted one of the five speakers asked to return for the panel discussion at the end of the event. We don’t know of any other event where you get the chance to learn about topics as diverse as apiculture, anti-smoking laws and brain-machine interfaces in a single afternoon!

On Friday night, we sponsored an event with our Durham friends ReverbNation and Adzerk at our favorite local brewery, Fullsteam. Thank you to everyone who came out, and a special thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with our marketing manager Jake on the Red Couch!

Paradoxos Received Rave Reviews from the Shoeboxed Team

“The Paradoxos conference blew away all expectations and sets a very high bar for next year. This is very exciting for Durham and the region.”

-Taylor Mingos, CEO and Founder

jake tobi paradoxos
Jake and Tobi having some fun on the Red Couch.

“I have never seen more investors and entrepreneurs in one room in Durham – the sheer mass of really impressive people was amazing!”

-Tobi Walter, COO/CFO

“For those of us who live and work in Durham, Paradoxos was an energizing and eye opening celebration of all the great things that are literally taking place in our own backyards. For those who traveled here for the event, it could not have been a more perfect moment for many of Durham’s best and brightest to shine in front of a national audience. Paradoxos 2013 was a terrific foundation for an annual event that will most certainly grow in both size and scope in 2014 and beyond.”

-Jake Brereton, Senior Marketing Manager

“I thought Paradoxos was a great showcase of all the innovative ideas that the Triangle area has to offer.  It is the only event of its kind that harnesses the academic prestige of the area’s three top tier universities and combines it with Durham’s thriving start-up culture.”

-Mike Hourigan, Affiliate Marketing Manager

“Paradoxos was fantastic!  I learned about hot, new startups founded in the Triangle region.  And I met not only the tech leaders of today, but also those who will clearly serve as the visionaries of tomorrow.  Further, Paradoxos was chock-full of educational sessions and ideas that both fed and represented the creative, unique entrepreneurial spirit of the area.”

-Corey Post, VP of Marketing

“Paradoxos was awesome. I got to see the initial steps entrepreneurs take to get their businesses off the ground as well as hear about success stories from around the community. The best part was the panel discussion at the end of The Next which was both engaging and informative. Next year I hope that the event includes more people from around the country so that it can continue to grow and support entrepreneurs from all over!”

-Sarah Atkin, Customer Advocate

“My favorite part of Paradoxos was Pitch Day.  I’d never seen start-ups pitch to investors before, and it was cool to get a little look into the process of becoming a full-fledged business.”

-Jordan Graves, Marketing Manager

296213_10100376848409574_754963186_n“My favorite part was Paul Singh’s advice: ‘Startups aren’t cool. Businesses are cool. Well, actually, revenue is cool.’ I also enjoyed the pitches; it was interesting to see that three out of the five TSF startups are related to the restaurant industry. Lastly, it was great to catch up with the TabSprint guys since they got jumpstarted at a Shoeboxed Hackathon and worked out of our office for several months.”

Rolf Garcia-Gallont, Business Development Manager

Join Us at Paradoxos!

Paradoxos is a new event happening in downtown Durham on June 6-8, 2013. Come hear inspiring talks and enjoy brews from local breweries while we celebrate innovation and collaboration in our community!

What are you doing June 6th and 7th? Join the Shoeboxed team at Paradoxos!

ParaParadoxosdoxos is a two-day festival celebrating the power of ideas, collaboration, and what’s to come. Hosted in our hometown of Durham, NC, the event will bring together entrepreneurs, innovators and big thinkers from around the region and around the country. Shoeboxed is thrilled to be a taking part in the Paradoxos festivities and we’d love to see all of our great partners and users from the Triangle there!

Members of the Shoeboxed team will be attending every Paradoxos event (find the full schedule on the Paradoxos website), but we’ll be out in force at two key events– including one we’re sponsoring! Come say hello at:

The NEXT, featuring speakers from TechCrunch, LinkedIn and The White House. Our very own founder and CEO Taylor Mingos is even speaking! The NEXT is happening at the Carolina Theater on Friday, June 7, from 1-5p.m. Grab your ticket before they’re all gone!

The Nightcap, sponsored by Adzerk, the American Underground and Shoeboxed! Come party with us until the Bulls come home at our favorite local brewery, FullSteam.  The tab opens at 8p.m. and includes free beer for the first 1,000 people. Come on, what’s better than free beer?

For more details, or to get your ticket today, please visit today. The tickets are going fast, so don’t delay!

Are you attending Paradoxos? We’d love to see you! Let us know in the comments or tweet at us at @Shoeboxed.

See you soon!