Shoeboxed and the Small Business Web: Connecting Apps to Help Your Business

At Shoeboxed, we know that receipt and contact management is only one step in your busy day. A successful small business has to juggle marketing, sales, invoices, and taxes, and still have time left over to do actual billable work!

Making life easy for small businesses is what Shoeboxed is all about, but we only help with receipts and business cards. We know you need other great software services throughout the day to help you save time and be more professional.

So, to help one of the coolest things we’ve done along with some other great brands is create The Small Business Web. The Small Business Web is a movement to bring like-minded, customer-obsessed software businesses together, integrate our respective services and make life easier for small business owners.

That way your services all work together. So, your expense scanning service can send information to your invoicing service and your invoicing service can send data to your accounting service. Or your CRM clients can be invoiced using your invoicing service and can be used to build lists for your email marketing program. And so on.

It’s like having a virtual business-suite of products – but you get to choose the ones that are best for your business. And because we all focus on what we do best, you don’t have to compromise on any service to get them all. Check out the other members of the Small Business Web!

Shoeboxed: Turn your pile of receipts and business cards into secure online software for managing your expenses, receipts and business contacts. Mail in your documents in pre-paid envelopes, and even send receipts from your mobile phone.

MailChimp: A powerful and easy to use email marketing service targeted specifically at small business owners.

Outright: Put your bookkeeping on auto pilot. Keep on top of your taxes, income, and expenses; automatically import, record, and categorize businesses transactions for your Schedule C and prepare quarterly tax estimates, your P&L, and business reports.

FreshBooks: Save time, get paid faster and look professional with easy to use online invoicing from FreshBooks.

Batchbook: An easy-to-use social CRM service that helps you organize your contacts, track social networking activity and manage communications.

Shoeboxed and Partner to Provide Paperless Solutions to Small Businesses

Shoeboxed and Join Forces
Shoeboxed and Join Forces

Shoeboxed is thrilled to announce our partnership with, the online bill management and payment leader, to enable small business owners to focus more on their core businesses and less on administrative hassles.

Companies can now mail their invoices to Shoeboxed for scanning into the system rather than scanning the invoices themselves.  This approach saves time while ensuring that invoices are digitally stored for easy reference and security.  Companies can also mail receipts and business cards to Shoeboxed, and access those documents from or their Shoeboxed account.  Once an invoice is scanned into the system it is immediately available in a user’s Inbox and can be routed for review internally or to an external accountant.  Companies or their accountants can then pay vendors from any US bank account via check or ePayment, and payments are synchronized with their accounting systems. 

Customers of Shoeboxed and can start using the integrated solution at no additional cost from either service. customers who do not currently have a Shoeboxed account can try the integrated service free for 30 days, after which the service is being offered at an introductory price of $8.99 per month for up to 50 documents per month.  Current Shoeboxed customers can open a account and use this feature without requiring an upgrade to their Shoeboxed account.

“Both Shoeboxed and want to help offices go paperless, so the partnership makes a lot of sense,” said Taylor Mingos, CEO and Founder of Shoeboxed. “Together we can provide an even better solution for small businesses and give them more time to focus on growing their business.”

“ is focused on streamlining the hugely inefficient bill management and bill payment process for small and mid size businesses and the accountants that serve them,” said René Lacerte, CEO and Founder of “We have made tremendous progress on streamlining the management and payment of bills. Our new partnership with Shoeboxed will drive even more efficiencies at the start of that process, and ultimately allow businesses to eliminate one of the remaining headaches with going paperless.” 

Shoeboxed Teams Up With Jigsaw To Help You Expand Your Personal Network

Shoeboxed recently announced a partnership with Jigsaw to help business professionals expand their network of business contacts by scanning and sharing business cards online. Shoeboxed gives people an easy way to get hard copy business cards scanned and uploaded to the web. Jigsaw then aggregates them, letting people trade what they have for fresh contacts from their crowd-sourced directory of 12 million business people and 2 million companies.

Shoeboxed Partners With Jigsaw
Shoeboxed Partners With Jigsaw

Now people can use Shoeboxed’s prepaid envelopes to mail in their business cards where they will be scanned and imported to Jigsaw, the world’s largest online business directory. Shoeboxed customers will automatically accrue Jigsaw points that can be redeemed at for business contacts they want but don’t yet have.

Shoeboxed’s by-mail scanning service starts at $9.95 per month. The basic Jigsaw service is free.