Keep Your Personal Mail Personal

It’s exciting to wake up to an email inbox with ten new messages. As often as this may happen, chances are that most, if not all, will be spam. Statistically, 8 of 10 emails received are spam. This has caused users to create disposable, or temporary, email addresses.

There are about ten frequently used websites where you can create a disposable email address. These temporary email addresses forward mail into your inbox, and are typically used for online purchases, blogs, wikis, and other non-personal contacts. Once spam starts to fill your inbox, you can cancel the address and start a new one.

One of the more prominent sites for disposable email addresses explains their purpose:

Most websites require you to register by providing them your email address before you can access their services. Usually this is not a problem, but some sites will sell your personal information, including your email address to other companies for commercial solicitation. This is when you start receiving SPAM.

With shoeboxed, you can use your personal email address for everything, and rest assured that spam will not be delivered to your inbox. Forget managing multiple email accounts, we will keep your personal mail personal.

After our launch, when you wake up to ten messages in your inbox, you will feel love, not hate. Click here to register with