Winning the Fight Against Spam

Spam is such a crazy thing. This year, spam messages are expected to overtake human-issued emails—that’s right, the average person will receive more corporate mailings than person-to-person emails in the year 2007. That’s pretty scary, especially since spam has become increasingly sophisticated. I find it more and more difficult to decipher between what is safe and what is not. I guess I have some decision rules that I live by — when the email is sent from someone with numbers in their name, I usually steer clear. But can I trust emails sent to me from online stores? How do I know who to trust?

Recently, spam volumes have been increasing faster than expected due to the use of image-based spam. Rather than using traditional written text, these emails contain large image files that include the spam advertisements. This means that most of these messages are able to bypass spam filters and end up in your personal inbox. By the end of the year, more than thirty-five percent of spam will be in the form of an image—and as of now, no one has been able to create a product that would universally block these messages from reaching your inbox.

Until now, the team at was just as frustrated as everyone else. So we made it a priority to find a solution. When launches, we will eliminate spam from your inbox for free. Image files, non-image files—our service will take care of it all. For the first time, you’ll have total control over your inbox.

If you want to be the first to know when you can prevent all spam for free, click here and give us your email. Don’t worry, I promise we won’t spam you.