Update: Shoeboxed Price Deputy Already Getting Rave Reviews!

We’ve already received two great reviews of Shoeboxed Price Deputy from our beta users! Try it today by forwarding your eReceipts to pricedeputy@labs.shoeboxed.com.

Just a day after the public launch of Shoeboxed Price Deputy, we’ve heard some great feedback (and success stories!) from users.

Franklin S. from Chicago forwarded us an email from Price Deputy that saved him more than $10 on his recent purchase of an iPhone case! Franklin plans to return the case to the original retailer and buy the case at the cheaper price.

Shoeboxed Price Deputy Success!


We received a second email from Martha J. from Raleigh, who found a better deal on cleaning supplies thanks to Shoeboxed Price Deputy. Although she doesn’t plan to return her recent purchase, she plans to buy the product from the vendor with the cheaper price in the future!

Save money with Shoeboxed Price Deputy!

Try Shoeboxed Price Deputy today by forwarding an online shopping receipt to pricedeputy@labs.shoeboxed.com!

If you’re using Price Deputy, we’d love to hear from you! This tool is still in beta, and we’d love your input on how we can improve it. Whether you have your own price drop success story, general feedback, or an idea on how we can make it better– we want it all! Give us a shout at help@team.shoeboxed.com or on Twitter at @Shoeboxed.

Always Get the Best Deal: Try Shoeboxed Price Deputy!

Shoeboxed Price Deputy is the easy and accurate way to ensure you’re always getting the best deal on anything you buy. And better yet– it’s free!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new tool to help you save money: Shoeboxed Price Deputy!

Have you ever made a purchase and then asked yourself: “I wonder if I paid too much for that?” With Shoeboxed Price Deputy, you’ll never have to wonder if you overpaid for anything ever again.

Shoeboxed Price Deputy is the easy and accurate way to ensure you’re always getting the best deal on anything you buy. And better yet — it’s free!

Simply forward the receipt for any item you would like monitored to pricedeputy@labs.shoeboxed.com. Price Deputy will then automatically compare your receipt to our database to determine if another vendor is offering a better deal than the one you got. If Price Deputy thinks you paid too much, it will notify you immediately.

Even if it takes hours or days for a better deal to pop up, Price Deputy will alert you the moment it detects that you paid too much. It’s the ultimate set it and forget it tool, monitoring prices around the clock so that you don’t have to!

Try it today by forwarding a receipt to pricedeputy@labs.shoeboxed.com.

If you have any questions about Price Deputy, give us a shout at help@team.shoeboxed.com or 24/7 on Twitter at @ShoeboxedHelp. We also want to hear your feedback: positive comments, constructive criticism, complaints, ideas for how we can make it better– anything!