The Weekly Recap: Accounting Solutions Grow Up, REAL SMB Expenses and the New Executive Plan

Forget to check the Shoeboxed blog this week? No need to fret! Here is a quick review of what you missed:

1. Are you a baby, procrastinator or underachiever? We didn’t think so. Regardless, you might find some helpful hints in Accounting Solutions for Babies, Procrastinators, and Underachievers.

2. Are you interested in more document scans, faster turnaround time and unlimited access to the folks at 1800Accountant? Check out our all new Executive Plan!

3. Choose the right accounting solutions for your next business with Top 3 Accounting Solutions for Small Business Rockstars.

4. Did you know that utility costs for SMBs doubled in the first half of 2012? Check out our infographic for the details on this statistic, as well as lots of other great insights into How Small Business Owners are Really Spending Their Money.

5.  The Bubonic Plague wiped out almost half of Europe’s population in the 14th century. You should avoid these Accounting Solutions Pitfalls like the plague!

Stay organized this weekend,

The Shoeboxed Team