New and Exciting to Shoeboxed!

In addition to the new upgrade and downgrade tool we covered in our last blog post, our developers also deployed some other new features and laid the groundwork for a newer, prettier, and just plain better Shoeboxed.

Here’s some of the enhancements that we unveiled on the 20th, stay tuned for more new features over the coming months.

–       Better PDF Expense Reports
Your expense reports will now look even more professional with a numbered list of your receipts, corresponding image numbering, the page number where the image can be found, and better general formatting.

–       Transform Doc into/from Business Cards
Any document, bill, or receipt can now be transformed into a business card, or vice versa by you.

–       All Documents are Mergeable
Receipts can be merged together, as can business cards, without weird exceptions.

–       Improved Email Seller Identification
Your Shoeboxed email address will now be able to better identify the seller from which receipts are sent to your inbox, and input this information as such.

Organize Receipts in Shoeboxes

Shoeboxed was born to be a receipt organization service. We’re committed to help everybody organize receipts with as little work as possible – everybody from individuals to small businesses to large corporations.

Because we are so committed to this idea, we are revamping our core organizational function on the site. Shoeboxes were originally designed as folders where you could store your receipts. Toward the end of last year, we introduced everyone to the idea that you could itemize your receipts on Shoebox, and organize those individual purchases in Shoeboxes instead of the whole receipt. But we’ve learned that whole receipts are often what people want to group together, so we are going back to our original functionality to keep it simple, and, I think, more useful.

We made this change based off of feedback from our users. Whenever you have a question, comment, or feature suggestion, please drop us a note at, and we’ll be happy to help. We love getting feedback, and are very open to creating exactly the features that you want on Shoeboxed. It’s all about you, baby.

Mommysavers’ Advice for Organizing Receipts recently published an article by Jamie Novak entitled “Stop the Shoebox Madness: How to Get a Handle on Your Receipts”. According to the author, shoeboxes are no longer considered an efficient way to organize your paper receipts. She suggests that instead readers set up a centrally located receipt station in their house that uses labeling and color coding to keep their finances in order. Frankly, it sounds like if done correctly, it could really work.

So why haven’t people made the switch yet? Well, according to Novak:

I know you love the shoeboxes, they are great for holding shoes, fantastic for making 3-D dioramas, and they even double as drawer dividers! And yes, it can be hard to throw out a good shoebox, you know the one, it has an attached lid, or it’s a cool color or it is made from the thick corrugated cardboard.

Wait, we’re too attached to our beloved shoeboxes to make the switch? I don’t know about you, but I just can’t find enough time in the day to get organized! Forget the cute corrugated boxes, I would trash them in a second if I felt like I had an alternative that took less time than throwing a piece of paper into a box and shutting the top. I have a lot of things I need to accomplish, and organizing my receipts is low on the priority list. I guess I’m stuck with shoeboxes for now.

But when launches, all this could change. Shoeboxed will not only prevent spam from reaching your personal email address and protect you from identity theft, but it will automatically organize and manage your online receipts. It doesn’t take any time out of your busy life, because it does it all for you! No matter how much you shop online, one piece of your life will be entirely managed for you.

We’re giving you time back. Maybe you’ll choose to spend a few extra minutes with the family. Maybe you’ll get a chance to exercise for the first time in months. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll finally get rid of those pesky receipt shoeboxes!

On second thought, I could never do that. They’re corrugated.

Dan’s shoebox of receipts
Dan, fed up with his shoebox of receipts