Meet the Shoeboxed Ambassadors!

We’re thrilled to announce our first group of Shoeboxed Ambassadors! This diverse and talented group will spread the word about Shoeboxed far and wide. Read on to learn more about the ambassadors and how they use Shoeboxed in their daily lives.

After a long and thorough search, we’re thrilled to announce the inaugural group of Shoeboxed ambassadors!

These eleven Shoeboxers comprise a diverse and talented group that will share the word about Shoeboxed with the world, and we’re certain that they’ll do a fantastic job launching our Ambassador Program.

Without further ado, get to know more about our first group of ambassadors!

Amanda Larrinaga

amanda larrinaga ambassadorAmanda is the Chief Business Builder at Modern Entrepreneur, a company she now owns and operates after years of building businesses and working at startups. As a scrappy small business owner, Amanda is no stranger to the challenges facing entrepreneurs today– especially when it comes to handling the administrative side of things! Amanda helps her customers to filter through the noise and focus on what’s important, and here at Shoeboxed, we aim to do exactly that. You might say we’re kindred spirits. Amanda uses Shoeboxed to organize all of her receipts — paper, email, what-have-you — in a single place so that she can focus on growing her business. She has extensive experience in blogging and social media and will utilize these skills in her duties as an ambassador. You can learn more about Amanda on her website or on Twitter at @AmandaLarrinaga.

Brian Baer

brian baer ambassadorBrian is the owner of Baer Marketing Network, a company that provides website design, video production and internet marketing for manufacturing companies, construction trade companies & professional businesses. He has over ten years of experience helping businesses succeed in their online marketing efforts. Brian says that using Shoeboxed has helped him to remain sane and self-employed and never fall behind on expense tracking. He uses Shoeboxed with Outright for an easy, automated accounting workflow. He plans to share his Shoeboxed story at conferences and events. You can find out more about Brian on his website or on Twitter at @BaerMarketing.

Brian Dusablon

brian dusablon ambassadorBrian runs a consulting company, where he helps businesses simplify, improve, and perform. His areas of expertise include web and mobile technologies and organizational strategy. He also runs a podcast network called Emergent Radio and co-hosts a podcast called The ToolBar. Brian considers Shoeboxed his virtual assistant that keeps him organized and ensures he doesn’t lose track of receipts while he’s traveling to one of his speaking gigs or to visit a client. Brian is an active blogger and social media user, and he plans to spread the word about Shoeboxed across the social web. You can learn more about Brian on his website or on Twitter at @BrianDusablon.

Daniel Hoang

daniel hoang ambassadorDaniel is a management consultant at Point B. As a professional services consultant, he works with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and engages with local small businesses in Seattle. Daniel is also a member of the City of Seattle Citizens’ Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his two tuxedo cats named Mochi and Pippi. Daniel uses Shoeboxed together with Evernote to achieve an almost completely paperless lifestyle. He is also a regular blogger and active Twitter user, and you can learn more about Daniel on his website or on Twitter at @DanielHoang.

Douglass Davidoff

douglass davidoffDouglass is the principal consultant at Straight Talk Public Relations in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is also an avid writer, blogger and social media personality, and he likes working out of coworking locations. When he’s not working, Doug enjoys local history, traveling in Vermont, coastal sailing in New England and political activism. Doug has been using Shoeboxed for four years to support his consulting work across the Northeast, and he says that Shoeboxed allows him to eliminate paper and feel confident in the case of an audit. His favorite features of Shoeboxed include the Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker for iOS and our famous Magic Envelopes. Doug plans to share his Shoeboxed story at coworking sites, meetups, on social media and with his professional network. You can learn more about Douglass on the Straight Talk website or on Twitter at @DougSTPR.

Liz Barnett

liz barnett ambassadorLiz Barnett is a self-employed powerhouse who runs Liz is an active blogger and affiliate marketer, and she is also an internet marketing consultant for small businesses. Liz is a member of the BlogHer Social Media Influencer Program and attends #BloggyCon, a professional conference for female bloggers, every year. She has been a Shoeboxed user and fan since she signed up in 2009, and Liz says that using Shoeboxed allows her to easily provide her accountant with her important documents so that he can get her the best deal on her taxes. Liz plans to spread the word about Shoeboxed on her popular blog, Womanly Woman, and throughout her professional networks. You can find out more about Liz on her website or on Twitter at @WomanlyWoman.

Marcey Rader

marcey raderMarcey Rader of,  is a lifestyle trainer specializing in helping mobile professionals and business travelers be healthy and productive on the road. She is an entrepreneur, personal trainer, ultra-endurance athlete, certified productivity specialist and blogger. In the twelve months that Marcey has been using Shoeboxed, she’s become a power user and active advocate of our service. She’s a big fan of our mobile app since she’s always on the go. Marcey plans to share Shoeboxed with her clients and across her professional network. You can learn more about Marcey on her website, in this video on the Shoeboxed blog, Facebook Marcey Rader Coaching or on Twitter at@MarceyRader.

Mike Schmidt

mikeschmidt ambassadorMike is the CEO of MFive Labs, Inc., the makers of Mike is a member of several exclusive tech networks, including The C100, FounderFuel, The Next 36, Launchpad LA and the Canadian Technology Association. As frequent business travelers, he and his team use the Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker to keep track of expenses on-the-go. Mike plans to spread the word about Shoeboxed throughout his professional networks and on Twitter at @MikeSchmidt.

Jody Seibert

jody seibert ambassadorJody is a small business accountant and the owner of The Dog Ate My Books. In this role, Jody helps small businesses decide which accounting solution is right for them, as well as providing ongoing accounting services. She uses Shoeboxed and Evernote together to run a completely paperless business, and helps her clients do the same. She is quite the bookworm (she especially enjoys a good whodunnit!) and hiker, often taking her Kindle along on a long hike. Jody is also an active blogger and social media user — not to mention a long-time promoter of Shoeboxed! — so we’re thrilled to have her on board. You can learn more about Jody on her website, in her Customer Profile on the Shoeboxed blog, on Twitter at @DogAteMyBooks.

Kate Brown

kate brown ambassadorKate is an author, speaker, and personal productivity enthusiast. She operates two businesses, Impact Organizing and Impact Productivity, and she is also in her second term as a National Board Member for the National Organization of Professional Organizers. Kate has been with Shoeboxed from almost the very beginning; she’s been using our service and apps for going on four years now, and we’re thrilled to have her on board as an ambassador. Kate uses a variety of methods to consolidate her receipts inside her Shoeboxed account, and she says she gets peace of mind knowing that all of her documents are secure and easily accessible whenever she may need them. Kate plans to share Shoeboxed through her involvement with NAPO and on her new website (coming soon!). In the meantime, you can keep with her on Twitter at @KateSBrown or learn more at Impact Organizing.

Sydni Craig-Hart

sydni craig hartSydni is an entrepreneur and the co-owner of Smart Simple Marketing, a consulting, coaching and marketing company she shares with her husband. She has helped clients in over 50 different industries to attract more customers, create a stronger online presence, develop multiple streams of revenue and boost their bottom line.  Sydni is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and has been using Shoeboxed since 2007 when we first started. She uses Shoeboxed on an ongoing basis to keep up with receipts and also to digitize all the paper she receives to manage and grow her business. Sydni plans to share her Shoeboxed story using her marketing expertise and personal networks. You can learn more about Sydni on her website, in her recent Success Story on the Shoeboxed blog or on Twitter at @SydniCraigHart.

Welcome to the program, guys and gals! We’re so grateful to have so many awesome users, and we’re excited to to see what our first group of ambassadors can do.

We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who applied to be a part of the Shoeboxed Ambassador Program. If you were not selected this time, stay tuned — we’ll be recruiting and talking to potential ambassadors on a rolling basis. If you have any questions about the Ambassador Program or would like to learn more, contact Emily at

Join the Shoeboxed Ambassador Program!

The Shoeboxed Ambassador Program is a new initiative aimed at spreading the paperless revolution by sharing the word of Shoeboxed with the world. Ambassadors will receive a whole host of perks in return, including exclusive insider news on Shoeboxed and a discount on their Premium Plan. Apply today!

Today, we’re thrilled to start a new chapter in our history: the launch of the Shoeboxed Ambassador Program!

Ambassadors will help spread the paperless revolution by sharing the word about Shoeboxed with the world. Ambassadors will participate in a variety of activities to promote Shoeboxed, including blogging, attending conferences, talking to the press, hosting webinars, taking part in marketing opportunities and more!

You may be thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Have no fear– we’ve got you covered! As an ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • A discount on your Shoeboxed Premium Plan
  • Opportunities to be featured on our blog, website and in the press
  • An exclusive coupon code for referred users
  • Shoeboxed swag!
  • An exclusive insider newsletter for all the latest on Shoeboxed

As the program continues and grows, we’ll also offer additional benefits for being ambassador, such as:

  • Access to beta features and products, along with the ability to provide your feedback directly to our product team
  • Invitations to special events
  • Discounts or promotions for other tech tools
  • More to come!

Shoeboxed invites highly active and engaged users to apply to join our Ambassador Program. Simply go here, fill out the form and submit it. Finalists will be contacted for further interviews, and we plan to announce our first group of ambassadors in early October.

We encourage you to apply, or to refer friends who you think would make great ambassadors. Please reach out to our Director of Community, Emily Farrar, with any questions about the Ambassador Program or referrals. You can reach her at