Team Update, Still Homeless

It’s no secret that in about a week, the lease on our apartment will be up. That is why I have been searching Berlin for the right place to hang our hat. However, our cost restrictions in addition to the fact that we would prefer not to live in a crime ridden area has significantly limited our options. This consequently means that I have to continue to scout Berlin for an apartment, ANY APARTMENT, and continue to ice my feet and knee in the evening.

The kicker: having to move all of our stuff to another apartment could not come at a more inconvenient time. The shoeboxed team just bought new technical equipment. I personally don’t know what it all is — I try to focus on marketing. But I feel bad that in a couple days we will have to dismantle it completely. Poor Tee.

But I have to stay focused on the house hunt. Tim has taken a break from the search which has provided me the opportunity to spend some time with Alex. Today was a very productive day. We visited five apartments. The realtor, Herr Meyer, was very helpful and patient. At the beginning of the appointment, Alex and I were very professional, but that image started to fall apart towards the end — especially when Herr Meyer was waving goodbye to us and I gave him a high five…

Quote of the day: “Alex, I just high-fived Herr Meyer!?!”

Life Without Nutrition or Internet

Since arriving in Berlin, it’s been Doeners, all day everyday. Okay, I’ve only been here for a day, but I’ve eaten at the Turkish Doener stand both meals. I make sure to get lettuce and tomato on mine so that’s it’s a well-rounded, healthy meal. Meanwhile, the wireless internet connection at the apartment is terrible. And we’re trying to start an internet website. There’s a problem there. It looks like several members of the team will have to go to one of the parks or train stations in the area with wi-fi this afternoon to get some research done. It’s unbelievably frustrating, but we’re working through it. We’re hoping to have a good connection by later today– and then we’ll be cruising. Last night we were forced to search for internet by dangling an antenna out the window of our 19th story apartment.

Finding Internet

Oh, the things we do for shoeboxed…