The Shoeboxed Shirts Are in the Mail! (No, really)

Attention Shoeboxers:

Shoeboxed T-Shirt FoldingAre you one of our favorite users who has recommended Shoeboxed to your friends? If so, have you been checking your mailbox daily, anxiously awaiting your snazzy new Shoeboxed t-shirt to arrive?

Well sleep soundly tonight, they’re on the way!

Shoeboxed Shirts Ready for MailWhile we admit that we’ve gotten pretty good at taking the work out of paperwork, all of this focus on your receipts and business cards resulted in a slight delay filling shirt orders. So this Saturday we put in a few extra hours carefully folding and packing up several hundred. The entire batch of shirts was then hand delivered to the post office this morning and should be arriving in your mailbox sometime this week!

We apologize for the slight delay but hope that you enjoy being organized in your new Shoeboxed tee. Wear it proudly!

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Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team