Starting a Side Business This Summer?

A summer side business is a great alternative to leaving your day job completely and a good transition for potential future full-time entrepreneurs.

Opt for One of These 4 Environmentally Friendly Start Ups

With summer starting up and weather getting warmer all around, employees in their cubicles everywhere are thinking of ways to stretch their legs as well as their creative muscles. If you’re not quite ready to leave the corporate world behind to start your own business, a summer side business is a great alternative and a good transition for potential future full-time entrepreneurs.

For many entrepreneurs, the answer to starting up is to go green where’s an opportunity to give back to the community and enjoy serious seasonal success. One of these four environmentally-friendly side businesses may be just what you’re looking to start up!

1) Eco-friendly landscaping

Especially in times of drought, eco-friendly landscaping always tend to do pretty well during the summer; as studies have shown that 888,426 landscapers are currently employed and the growth rate per year is at 4%.

To cut back on landscaping maintenance expenses, offer alternative gardening solutions like synthetic turf or rocks to help break up the amount of watering a yard needs. Additionally, your landscaping business can offer drought-resistant plants (like succulents), and solar-powered lighting fixtures to add a special touch to each residence or property you work on.

2) Summer camps

Not sure if you can commit to a side business fully, but have enough time to act as a part-time camp counselor? Joining the staff at a summer camp might be your best bet! The American Camp Association reports that in the United States alone there are over 12,000 day and resident camps with 7,000 resident and 5,000 day camps. With more than 11 million children and adults attending camp in the U.S. annually, this is a great opportunity to encourage kids to learn more about the environment and seek out adventure as well as help build up their confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.

3) Green fashion

Be a fashionista with a green thumb by making and selling fashionable apparel using recycled fabric! Business News Daily suggests getting creative with your materials; you can use old fabric swatches, organic cotton, burlap, hemp, and even recycled plastic or metal – the possibilities to create eco-friendly apparel is endless. Be sure that you’re sourcing your fabric from reputable organizations and once you have some looks created, put them out for show at a booth at your local farmer’s market.

4) Small-scale farming

You don’t necessarily have to be a farmer, or live on a ranch, to participate in being a part of your local farmer’s market. All you need are a couple of properly tended to fruit trees, berry bushes, or a few healthy plots of soil for vegetables and herbs. Pick one thing to learn about and hone in your skills on growing that fruit, vegetable, or herb.  Gather what you can each week and sell them for a fair price at your farmer’s market. It’s a win-win; you’ll get to be especially active in your community for the summer, and make a little money on the side.

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