Unstoppable, Mobile Bookkeeping with Tangerine Cafe & QuickBooks

With Shoeboxed there has never been one “best” way to use our service to stay organized. And after processing over a billion dollars of expense data since 2007, we say that from years of firsthand experience!

Shoeboxed takes enormous pride in serving clients from around the country and across the globe, all of whom use our service in a myriad of ways to fulfill a whole host of organizational needs in both their personal and professional lives.

Lynn Platow: Two offices, Hurricane Sandy and a new bookkeeper. Not a beat skipped in expense tracking.

“I submit receipts anytime, from anywhere, and they all flow right into Shoeboxed. Then my accountant logs into my account and exports everything directly into QuickBooks. It’s an unbelievably streamlined, hassle-free process.”

-Lynn Platow

Shoeboxed User Lynn PlatowIntroducing: Lynn Platow

Profession: Creative Director and Partner, Tangerine Cafe Design Group

Twitter: @TangerineCafe

LinkedIn: Tangerine Cafe Design Group

Location: New York City and Albuquerque, New Mexico


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