Insider Tips on How to Get Faster Scanning

Though we do our best to process your Receipt Mail-In envelopes in the order they arrive in our office, not all envelopes are equal, and we do fast-track envelopes that have receipts that are prepped well for fast scanning.

Here are some things that you can do to make sure your receipts are scanned as quickly as possible:

Remove staples and paper clips: We use feed scanners at Shoeboxed (as opposed to flat-bed scanners) to scan your receipts. As a result, we cannot put paper through there that has any staples or paper clips, as it might jam the scanner. When we receive receipts with staples or paper clips, we have to remove them manually, which understandably slows down the process of scanning.

Detach receipts from backing paper: For some reason, many offices force their employees to tape their receipts to some kind of backing paper. Oftentimes, this means that many receipts are taped to a single sheet. Shoeboxed treats each sheet that goes through the scanner as a single receipt, so when there are four or five of them, your data will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to organize in Shoeboxed. So, if your receipts are taped to paper, please remove them from backing paper before sending them in.

Flatten your receipts as much as possible: As mentioned before, your receipts will go through a feed scanner, and the flatter the receipt, the better the scan. If one of our scanner operators has to manually flatten your receipts, it may take much longer for your receipts to be scanned.

Orient your receipts in the same direction: If your receipts are all oriented in the same direction, it is much faster for our scanner operators to scan your receipts. Making sure they are all facing the same way and are all right-side-up helps speed up your processing time.

Organize receipts by similar widths: If you can stack your perfectly flattened receipts¬† grouped together by similar widths, you’ll be a favorite of our scanner operators. You’ll notice that there are four or five standard widths of receipts, so you’ll have distinct stacks.

Shoeboxed Receipts

Cab receipts are a standard small width.

Not only are these tips great for speeding up your processing time, it’s also a great way to show your love to the scanner operators here at Shoeboxed!

Taping Receipts to Paper

I’ve heard this myth out there. So scary, this myth. I thought I might warn you, prepare you, just in case. Ready? I couldn’t believe it either: Many people are forced to tape receipts to paper.

Whether for bookkeeping, archiving, or expense reports, everyday many do-gooding Americans are told that scotch-taping their receipts to yet another piece of paper is the best way to get their expenses organized.

Fortunately, for each and every one of you that has been forced into such a situation, who has sat there with scotch tape in one hand and papers in the other wondering what on earth, who has wasted so much tape and so much paper.

To you we say, “Welcome.” Shoeboxed is here. Step away from the tape and put down the paper.

With Shoeboxed, you can send you receipts as loose pieces of paper (actually that’s how we want them) in an envelope. No tape or paper backing needed. Your receipts will be scanned and entered in to your online account, so you can sort them in a way that makes sense. There’s no need to have some elaborate filing system anymore. We’ll make your receipts sortable for you, without the tape.