Rocketboom, Techcrunch, Genbeta and Shoeboxed!

Shoeboxed featured on rocketboom!

It’s been a busy day in the Shoeboxed office!

First of all, we were the first story on the popular video blog, Check it out! Stefan, a.k.a. sms ;), one of rocketboom’s European correspondents, came to our apartment a couple of days ago and took the video. He interviewed Taylor and me in the kitchen and gave us about 30 seconds to describe why we were in Berlin and what Shoeboxed is. And he only gave us one take to get it right! The anchor of the newscast also goes to the site and tests out the “Finally, a website that automatically makes your life easier” claim on our front page. Finally, we are forced to confess: it takes about 10 minutes of effort from you for the automatization of Shoeboxed to take effect!

There’s also a twist to this whole rocketboom awesomeness:, one of the most well-read blogs on the Internet, wrote a story comparing rocketboom to another video blog. This will only bring more people to rocketboom, and they will see the lead story about us! Sweet!

Also, we were featured on a blog called Museum of Modern Betas. They catalogue new beta sites on the Internet, and found us!

Also, a Spanish-language blog,, wrote an article about us. I’m getting one of our fluent Spanish-speaking team members to translate it as I type. I’ll put the translation on our press page later today, for the non-Spanish speakers out there. This is a really well-read blog, so are we are really happy about this coverage. And to all those Spanish-speaking people that want to sign up: just wait for, which is coming soon!

Who’s pumped? Well, apparently a lot of people, but definitely me!