Blackberry Webcast on Online Apps, Mobile Services to Save Time and Money

Finding cost-effective ways to get a lot done with little, could mean the difference between success and failure in your business.  A recent Microsoft® study found that small businesses are investing in software-as-a-service (SaaS) and mobile devices to be more productive and sell more, without breaking the bank.

Interested in hearing about different online apps and mobile services that can help you save time and money? Blackberry put together a webcast with Shoeboxed Head of Marketing Sonny Byrd, Intuit Product Manager Mary Shapiro, and President of Maximizer, Vivek Thomas.

Check it out!

Webcast: You’re Invited

Shoeboxed has some pretty new technology, and a lot of awesome features. In order to get a grasp on all you can do here, and how to best organize your receipts, it can be helpful if somebody walks you through it.

Since we can’t head over to your house and sit down with you, we decided that the next best thing would be to do a webcast. So guess what? Shoeboxed is hosting its first ever webcast next week. We want you to come!

Wait, hold on. What’s a webcast?

Webcast, webinar, live online instructional streaming video, potato, tomato. It’s kind of a buzzword I suppose.

Our webcast will be a live video that you can access online. The Shoeboxed team will be there to explain how Shoeboxed works, tips and tricks for using Shoeboxed, and to answer any questions you have via online chat. It should be a great resource. If you’ve had some lingering questions about Shoeboxed that you have been waiting to ask, we want you to come!

It’s also a good opportunity to get to know the people that make Shoeboxed happen each and every day.

The webcast will take place on Wednesday August 20 at 2PM EST. Register for free here.

We look forward to seeing you there!