With tax season rapidly approaching, many wonder about the best way to file taxes. Using computer software is a popular choice, as it can make tax filing much easier and less expensive. There are many options to choose from, but one stands out. TaxACT, an online e-filing program and service, offers an easy-to-use product that is a great value, and will be a great resource for many this tax season.

The most obvious benefit of TaxACT is that it is free. But free in this case does not mean that it is stripped of all the useful features. In fact, TaxACT’s software is very robust. Compared to other free e-filing services, TaxACT offers a more complete selection of form schedules and worksheets. Under the free service, users have access to the 1040 Individual Income Tax Return – Long Form, Schedule C, Schedule D, Schedule E and Form 8888.

TaxACT really is a value leader in the online tax filing industry.

TaxACT will release its new version for the upcoming tax season in the coming weeks, but based on last year’s product, we are looking forward to what TaxACT will have to offer for your 2008 taxes.

Last year, TaxACT Online Standard offered a free federal e-file and only charged $13.95 for a state e-filing software option. Other software providers offered a free federal e-file, but charged as much as $30.95 for a state software option. Still others charged $14.95 for a federal e-fiel and added on $29.95 for a state software option.

TaxACT also offers a step-by-step interview and checks for errors and flags potential audit risks. It is guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Last year’s version had a download version available at no extra cost.

TaxACT also provides free support via the Web and email.

In a year where prices of other services have received bad customer reviews and fluctuated, TaxACT offers an alternative solution.

TaxACT has spent more than a decade producing a high-quality, low-cost tax preparation solution for American taxpayers,” said Lance Dunn, CPA and President of 2nd Story Software, Inc, the makers of TaxACT, in a statement. “While our competitors have historically raised their prices and fees, TaxACT has made a commitment to being a value leader in the industry.”