Intuit, the makers of TurboTax tax preparation software, were slammed Tuesday by negative reviews on the TurboTax Amazon page after raising the prices of their signature product and reducing its free e-file options.

Widespread coverage of the bad reviews prompted more bad reviews and many former TurboTax customers began looking for alternatives for filing their taxes this year. Where should they go?

Well, H&R Block, the makers of TaxCut, want you to channel your TurboTax anger right to them. They have tried to fan the flames of the TurboTax controversy with a PR effort designed to recruit disaffected TurboTax 2008 customers. Their newest press release seems quite opportunistic, especially considering that their product is still $34.95-$79.95. The press release reads as follows:

“At H&R Block, we understand that in this tough economy, Americans are watching every dollar and don’t want to be surprised by additional tax preparation costs or add-on feature fees,” stated Sabrina Wiewel, president of Digital Tax at H&R Block. “Customers are telling us that they want transparency in pricing and that they appreciate TaxCut’s ‘all you can eat’ versus ‘à la carte’ menu.”

The National Spending Journal Recommends TaxACT this Tax Season
The National Spending Journal Recommends TaxACT this Tax Season

TaxACT, produced by 2nd Story Software, offers free e-filing and tax preparation software online. Tax preparation with TaxACT ranges from a free option to an Ultimate package that is $16.95. This is significantly less expensive than the new TurboTax price of $54.95 (plus the price of additional e-files) or of the price of TaxCut ($34.95-$79.95). TaxACT also guarantees that your return is accurate, so you are getting a high quality tax return for less.

The National Spending Journal recommends TaxACT for your tax preparation and e-filing needs this year.