Team Update, Still Homeless

It’s no secret that in about a week, the lease on our apartment will be up. That is why I have been searching Berlin for the right place to hang our hat. However, our cost restrictions in addition to the fact that we would prefer not to live in a crime ridden area has significantly limited our options. This consequently means that I have to continue to scout Berlin for an apartment, ANY APARTMENT, and continue to ice my feet and knee in the evening.

The kicker: having to move all of our stuff to another apartment could not come at a more inconvenient time. The shoeboxed team just bought new technical equipment. I personally don’t know what it all is — I try to focus on marketing. But I feel bad that in a couple days we will have to dismantle it completely. Poor Tee.

But I have to stay focused on the house hunt. Tim has taken a break from the search which has provided me the opportunity to spend some time with Alex. Today was a very productive day. We visited five apartments. The realtor, Herr Meyer, was very helpful and patient. At the beginning of the appointment, Alex and I were very professional, but that image started to fall apart towards the end — especially when Herr Meyer was waving goodbye to us and I gave him a high five…

Quote of the day: “Alex, I just high-fived Herr Meyer!?!”