Tech Journal South!

I just wanted to pass along another example of Shoeboxed in the news. Tech Journal South did a great write-up of Shoeboxed and our Receipt Mail-In scanning service today.

Tech Journal South

Shoeboxed is such a new idea and people seem to be really intruiged by it. To see more example of press articles about Shoeboxed from The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TechCrunch and others, visit our press page.

Here are some excerpts of the review that Tech Journal South did of Shoeboxed today:

Currently, it invites users to send Shoeboxed their paper receipts via mail in a prepaid 9X12 envelope, then scans and uploads them to a user’s account.

Shoeboxed provides software that helps users organize them once they’re uploaded. The software can connect to a variety of record-keeping and accounting programs such as Quicken. Englander notes that with a few minor exceptions, the IRS has accepted digital receipts since 1997.

Englander says the company is highly aware that some users might have security concerns, so it takes serious precautions both digitally online and in its physical location to insure privacy and security. Receipts generally have less personal information on them than many people think, he notes. “Most don’t include your name and by law cannot have more than 5 digits of a credit card number,” he says.

If you are a journalist and you would be interested in learning more about Shoeboxed, let me know by sending an email to or give me a call on my cell at (919) 943-5322.