Technology to Keep Your Receipts Nice and Neat

We’re all looking for ways to keep our receipts neat. And with the advances in computer and internet technology, wouldn’t it be great to have a system that automatically managed your receipts? We could save time, save money, and make life a little simpler.

I was recently reading an article from the Salt Lake City Deseret News that discussed the option of storing your receipts in a computer file [link]. Marilyn Reston wrote to Heloise, a local columnist, recommending that she copy her emailed receipts and store them safely in digital files on her computer:

Dear Heloise: Don’t print receipts for online orders — just highlight the information, copy, paste and save to a computer file. Like everyone else seems to be, I’m drowning in clutter. This past year, I ordered most of my Christmas presents online, and I pasted the order information into a computer file rather than printing it out. I labeled the file by the vendor and date so I can find what I’m looking for if necessary. I have saved myself a lot of filing!

-Marilyn M., Reston, Va.

This is a great idea; you’ll also save paper and printer ink. And when the item is delivered, you can make a note in the file, along with any remarks about the item such as quality and shipping comments, as well as pros and cons of ordering from the particular company, for future reference.


Marilyn had a great idea. Email receipts are a valuable tool that can help you simplify your life – If you use them in the right way. These days, email receipts are only good for one thing – clogging up your personal inbox with unwanted, impersonal messages. They aren’t as useful as paper receipts because they are hard to read, hard to sort, and scattered among personal emails to family and friends.

Marilyn devised a great way to make digital receipts useful — by getting them out of her email box and into a clearly filed system on her hard drive. And as Heloise pointed out, she will be saving paper and ink the whole time. Al Gore would be proud. But there’s one problem. Marilyn must have a lot of time on her hands, because filing each and every one of her online purchases would take forever. I love the idea of organizing my finances and simplifying my inbox, but I don’t have the time to do it myself.

Lucky for me, Shoeboxed will take Marilyn’s solution to a whole new level. After signing up with Shoeboxed, your receipts will be automatically organized without cluttering your inbox. And as an added bonus, you’ll stop getting annoying corporate spam.

Now if I could only get in contact with Marilyn and give her the good news!