We have a lot of new features on Shoeboxed as of last Friday, but there’s only one that gives you free stuff.

After you’re done exploring how our receipt organization is improved, and how you can organize, share, and stereotype specific things you and other people have bought to get those receipts, and then after you’re done recovering from how awesome our makeover is, there’s something else you should check out…

And when you use this feature, we’ll send you a free Shoeboxed t-shirt. Yes!

This fall’s hottest fashion is available to you with a couple clicks of the mouse. Once you login, there’s a link in the top right of your overview page. Click it, and it’s super easy to invite all of your e-mail contacts. We’re compatible with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! and several other popular e-mail clients. We want everyone you know to know about Shoeboxed too, and this is a great way to get the word out. If you use the site, if you love the team, hell, even if you’re kind of bored, the invite feature is for you!

When you send an e-mail to all your contacts, send an e-mail to sophia@team.shoeboxed.com with your mailing address and we’ll send you a crisp, new Shoeboxed t-shirt.

I wear mine every day.