The 1st Annual Shoeboxed Hackathon was a Success!

Last weekend, we hosted the 1st Annual Shoeboxed Hackathon, and we’re proud to say it was a great success! We’re lucky to be located in downtown Durham, surrounded by awesome startups to inspire and motivate us. We had three startups from right here in downtown participate in the hackathon: Queue, TabSprint and TriangleTechTalk. Here’s a rundown of each team and what they were able to accomplish over the weekend!


Queue is “the for restaurants.” Queue is planning to revolutionize the way restaurants handle wait lists and how customers wait for tables, all by using handy mobile apps.

Shoeboxed Hackathon
A brainstorming session for the Queue team.

During the hackathon, the team assigned to Queue made numerous advancements to their web and mobile software. Big highlights include progress on their iPhone app, their iPad app (coming soon!), as well a a new analytics dashboard. The team was able to take the analytics dashboard from just an idea all the way to 70% complete, including coding and design! This team featured three members of Shoeboxed’s own development team and was also joined by Shannon Bauman, CTO of Spring Metrics. Congratulations to this talent-packed team for making so much progress!


TabSprint is a startup that allows users to order and pay for drinks from their mobile phone in crowded bars instead of waiting in line or dealing with a tab.

Shoeboxed Hackathon - TabSprint
The TabSprint team hard at work.

With the help of founder Grant Warman, a Duke 2012 alum, the team was able to help TabSprint kick off new marketing efforts over the weekend. They created a marketing video to introduce the app to potential users, wrote an informational white paper, and launched TabSprint’s presence on social media! These projects will help Grant introduce TabSprint to its first target audience of college students at Duke and UNC.




TriangleTechTalk is a website focused on the tech scene here in the Triangle, including news, company milestones and community events. They aim to shine a spotlight on the technology-based companies and startups in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Shoeboxed Hackathon - TriangleTechTalk
The TriangleTechTalk team.

Chris Heivly of Triangle Startup Factory headed up the team as they designed and mapped out the new look for the website.  The Shoeboxers on this team were lucky to have Adam Covati, CTO of Argyle Social on hand for help on the software development part of the task. The new page is expected to launch in the near future with more dynamic interaction capabilities for members and companies. Expect to see company updates, blog articles from individuals, a new job board, and an overall community interaction space. If you want a preview for the new look, check out their Twitter page for a little taste, or follow them @TriTechTalk for updates!

This first hackathon not only allowed us to help three local startups grow, but it gave us a new perspective on how we can work smarter and quicker here at Shoeboxed. We’re completely reenergized after such an awesome weekend, and we can’t wait to keep building you a better Shoeboxed!

Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team

Author: Emily Farrar

At Shoeboxed, Emily focuses on keeping our users happy and engaged. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Public Relations and an avid Tar Heels fan. She enjoys traveling, staying active and spending time with her six-year-old Maltese, Madam.

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