The City That Never Sleeps

Some of us headed up to New York last weekend to show the big city what we’re made of. We pulled onto the Island around 4 am Friday morning sporting our new SUPER RECEIPT SAVER shirts.

Our debut on Wall Street five hours later drew a large crowd. And we met many interesting people. We even found a business analyst who claimed to have every single receipt he’d acquired over the past thirty years – mind you he looked like he couldn’t be older than 32.

When a street preformer got a little crazy and the police began dispersing the crowd, we decided to visit other parts of the Island.

Everywhere we went people stopped us to find out what we were all about. We spread the Shoeboxed love all over the lower east side. For a while, we even staked a claim over NYC’s own Shoebox at Astor Place.

Your Receipts at your Fingetips!

It was a great time. But after three days the lack of sleep had started to get to us! We were happy to head home. If you got a chance to see us, be sure to leave us a comment!

So, can you guess which ride was ours?