Back in July when we were testing Shoeboxed before we launched it to the public, we thought it would be necessary to have someone sign up for a bunch of mailing lists from online stores.

Well, for some reason, I was chosen to take on the wonderful chore of finding the most popular online retailers and asking them to send me emails whenever they wanted to. Luckily, I had to given them my Shoeboxed email address to test out the system, so they were being diverted from my personal Gmail account.

Since July, though, I have accumulated more than 1500 emails from online stores. I get almost daily emails from 3-4 stores. I get emails from stores I never signed up for. I once showed my account to a potential user and found a Victoria’s Secret email sitting in my account. Then I had to explain. “You see, back in July, we were testing…”

Anyway, diverting emails away from your personal account is great, because it keeps your inbox free from the 3,000 emails you might get from online stores is a calendar year. This has always been one of my favorite parts about Shoeboxed, and sometimes it takes a back seat to some of the new features we have been rolling out, like uploaded receipts, improved receipt-reading algorithms, and Shoeboxed Mail-In. But I just wanted to give it a little love here on the blog, and remind everyone what a daily convenience your Shoeboxed account may be quietly giving you.