This week, we welcomed President Obama back into office for four more years. Here at Shoeboxed, we reached a big milestone ourselves: we launched the first ever Design the Next Shoeboxed Shirt Contest! In case you didn’t have a chance to check in this week, here’s what you missed:

1. The first Design the Next Shoeboxed Shirt Contest is off and running! The winner will receive $300 and bragging rights, as their design will be printed on the next round of Shoeboxed shirts, which we distribute to thousands of our awesome users around the world every year. You can enter your own design here or vote for your favorite in the Shirt Design Gallery.

2. It’s officially tax season, and that April 15 deadline will be here before we know it. We featured a guest post by Chris Long, a Home Depot store associate and contributor to the Home Depot blog, that shared five DIY projects for your office or workspace that are completely tax deductible. Check them out here.

3. Life hacks may seem like just another Pinterest trend, but they are actually very useful for small business owners. We shared our top 3 hacks for SMBs for making your life more organized and less stressful.

4. Are you getting the most out of your Shoeboxed account? Find out by reading this article on making your online receipt organizer work for you.

Stay organized this weekend,