The nation is in need of

It’s a simple idea that will change the way people lead their everyday lives.

Months ago, we tossed around some promising college-inspired ideas in our quest for the new Big Thing, and nothing was ruled out; we pondered delivering newspapers to bathroom stalls, engineering boomerang Frisbees, repopularizing ballroom dancing, and bringing text messaging to preschoolers. Ideas were flying. Nay, soaring.

But months later, we’ve focused our energy and put a lot of blood, Red Bull, and IPA into the movement. It’s the new and only way of looking at a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The problem has been approached for years in the wrong way and from the wrong standpoint. We’re creative folk. We’re begging to differ. We have the plan.

The concept behind is innovative and revolutionary. It’s the new pink, dare we say, the new orange? The new left, the new right, the new down. The question is, are you down? Well, the team at is ready and we are hereby announcing the launch of a movement that will one day give people a new sense of security and control.

It’s hard to convey how excited we really are about this idea. It’s like discovering-a-hidden-superpower exciting. It’s like hitting-the-jackpot exciting. It’s like witnessing-a-Macaulay-Culkin-comeback exciting. Okay, maybe not as hard to describe as we thought, but we’re still pumped.

And the launch is just the beginning. From the start, will be a practical and logical solution to a fundamental problem. But for all you cool cats who aren’t willing to give the time of day–you just wait. Once we get all our features in place, it’s entertaining, it’s fun, and it’s cool. That’s what we are especially excited about—making the national pastime. Just try and maintain your social status without us. We dare you. Outside of class, parties, and procrastination, we’re developing the software foundation that will bring you the future capabilities of In the meantime, sign up at so that you’ll be the first to know when we launch our phase one beta version.