Shoeboxed is a whole new website, baby.

We’ve worked on our receipt organization, and made it better than ever. With Friday’s upgrade, it’s easier to put receipts into your account, sort them once you’re here, and put those receipts to work.

This is what we were wondering back in January. What if receipts started giving back? What if by organizing your receipts, you weren’t just making sure to get reimbursements, or prove to Target that you actually DID buy that blender? What if your receipts did more? What if they allowed you to organize specific items that you bought, instead of just when and where you bought a bunch of stuff? What if they told you what was cool, and what was lame? What if your friends could see what you were buying, so that you could shop smarter, together?

And what if this whole process wasn’t a pain, but was actually… wait for it…. fun? If you’re anything like me, you been impatiently awaiting the day when you could tell your friend that she’s a shopaholic, or that he’s not shopping within the confines of what’s acceptable this decade.

Well if you are like me, then you’ll love the new Shoeboxed. We’ve taken the concept of receipts and ran with it. Once you have all your information in one place, you can do extraordinarily useful things with it, and we’re here to help that information be as useful as possible.

Get organized, shop smarter, and love what you buy.