It’s been a year of extremely fast growth at Shoeboxed and The National Spending Journal. With loads of new users, business partners and technology innovations, Shoeboxed has been able to organize a truly unbelievable number of receipts, continue growing during the economic downturn and, of course, bring (hopefully) interesting and useful information about small businesses, taxes and organization through this news blog.

Top Stories of 2008!
Top Stories of 2008!

These were the top 9 articles written in 2008:

  1. USPS Christmas Is Saturday Dec. 16
  2. TurboTax 2008 Punished With Bad Reviews Dec. 9
  3. TaxCut Fires Back at TurboTax 2008 Dec. 11
  4. Top 10 Most Wanted Christmas Presents Dec. 18
  5. Obama to Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes Dec. 10
  6. Bailout to Bonuses: Bank Execs Raking In Taxpayer Cash Dec. 22
  7. Tax Tip: Keep Receipts for Charitable Donations Nov. 4
  8. Scan Receipts to Survive an IRS Audit Dec. 5
  9. 6 Tips for Free (And Almost Free) Marketing Dec. 9

As you can see, once the blog transformed into the National Spending Journal, traffic has increased significantly, and the number of people coming to the NSJ continues to increase, even during the holiday season.

Here is 2009!