Solopreneurs run a one man or one woman-show, fulfilling multiple roles within their business while reaping the benefits of being their own boss (and partner, and assistant).

But being a solopreneur isn’t right for every small business owner. Here’s the Shoeboxed handy checklist to see if going solo is right for you.

 1. You don’t mind working alone

Sure, you’ll spend parts of your day interacting with clients and customers online and on the phone. But a lot of solopreneurs spend large portions of their day alone, strapped to their laptops.

Determine if you can stay motivated and inspired without regular stimulation from co-workers and the water cooler crowd. If silence is golden to you and interruptions from others tend to derail your concentration, a solopreneurship may be just the ticket.

2. You’re multitalented

Solopreneurs have to wear many different hats. The more hats you’re able to wear (and enjoy wearing), the more money you’ll be able to save when you’re first starting out.

If you don’t mind doing your own marketing, or if you can design your own website, you’ll be light years ahead of other SMBs who prefer to stick to the running-the-business part of, well, running the business.

3. You’re not afraid to outsource

That being said, a good solopreneur isn’t afraid to outsource. If you’re able to shrug off “Founder’s Syndrome” and can admit when someone else’s talents and insights are needed, you’re on your way to becoming a rock star solopreneur.

The best solopreneurs get crystal clear about what they like doing and what they’re good at. Everything else, from accounting to social media, gets outsourced to a capable Virtual Assistant.

4. Your business model is scalable

Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean your small business needs to remain microscopic. Make sure that even if you’re the only one running the show, the show can still grow!

Here’s a way to check the scalability of your business model: If you can’t possibly take on another client without tearing your hair out from stress, something needs to change (see #3!).

5. You’re a strong leader

Great solopreneurs work well with others, even if the other people they work with are merely temporary collaborators. Having trouble delegating? Learn how to let go with our handy guide.

Being able to express your expectations, needs and wants is crucial to becoming a successful solopreneur. You’re running the show, and your assistants and contractors will look to you for leadership and guidance. Make sure you’ve clarified what you need so that you can articulate those needs to others before you’ve hired them.

What’s the best thing about being a solopreneur?

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