Here at Shoeboxed, we understand that choosing the right productivity apps for your small business is the first step towards transforming yourself from a stressed solopreneur to an organization aficionado.

With so many tools designed to help individuals and businesses get organized, it can quickly become overwhelming. We’ve cut through the cacophony to select our favorite 5 apps for 2013.

1. Sunrise

How are you supposed to monetize your social media presence if you’re wasting time clicking from one app to another?

Sunrise integrates all of your social accounts into a single, seamless interface. Receive dynamic calendar updates, birthday notifications, and updated interactions in real time. You can even send text messages, get directions, and stay on top of the latest weather from directly within the application.

This app is a must-have for small businesses looking to increase end user interaction (read: conversions!) via social media.

2. Grokr

Even productivity apps are going local.

Grokr customizes your daily experience based on your location. This app highlights local events happening near you, finds the best restaurants within walking distance, and keeps you abreast of traffic jams in real time. It also enhances your experience based on your personal social media preferences.

If your small business has even the tiniest element of local interaction, this is the productivity app for you!

3. Dunno

Think of Dunno like brainstorming on steroids.

In addition to tracking notes, to-do’s, and random creative musings, Dunno finds relevant links, videos, and blogs related to whatever you’ve jotted down.

The app’s interface makes it a cinch to navigate through relevant data, discarding what you don’t want and sharing the best of the best via social media.

4. Any.DO

For any chronic-procrastinators, Any.DO is the perfect tool to improve your productivity.

Similar to other to-do apps, Any.DO supports features like adding tasks, setting priorities and scheduling reminders. Its clean, attractive layout is refreshing and minimizes distractions so you can focus on the essentials. Any.DO also offers neat features like the ability to voice-input tasks and automatic grouping of collaborative tasks with automatic matching of the correct email or phone contact for easy communication.

You can use hand gestures to prioritize assignments or mark tasks as complete, and just shake your mobile device to “throw” away completed tasks.

Any.DO has polished and cleaned up your daily schedule, now it’s up to you to cross off the completed tasks!

5. Dropbox

Dropbox has made the lives of over 100 million people easier by giving its users the ability to access their files anywhere, through any device. The clean interface is intuitive, succinct and powerful for even the least tech-savvy users. After setting up an account, everything from tax files to family photos can be available at your fingertips for easy viewing, downloading and sharing with other Dropbox users.

If you already use Dropbox for basic file sharing, you may not be taking full advantage of its offerings. Some features of Dropbox that you may not be familiar with include the ability to favorite documents for offline viewing, emailing documents to your custom Dropbox email when you do not have access to Dropbox, and many more. These features can be especially useful for users constantly on the go, or for managing documents among a team.

With the Dropbox app, you can essentially eliminate any need for email attachments and still be able to carry your files in the palm of your hand.

If you could create a magic app for your small business, what would it be?

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