Just like you can’t put together an Ikea futon without a screwdriver, you can’t stay organized at work without the proper tools.

Give yourself an organizational running start with a few of our favorite office supplies that will help you get organized – and more importantly, stay that way.

Message Globe

A truly unique offering from Notable Adventures, the Message Globe replaces the typical map with mini-miles of white space just begging to be drawn on.

Instead of a boring traditional white board, plop the Message Globe on your desk or bookshelf where it’s easy to see. You can then write down appointments, ideas and to-dos, and stay organized with this spinning dry erase adventure.

It’s About Thames

This modular desktop organizer is sleek, minimalist and totally functional. You may not be rocking the paperclips and White-Out like office workers of yesteryear, but the supplies you do use are sure to stay organized.

Toss some pens into Big Ben, and keep a set of markable clothespins (great for organizing!) in the mini Tower of London.

Smart Power Strip

Not only do you want to reduce the amount of paper clutter in your office – getting organized and staying that way is all about organizing your energy usage as well.

Invest in a smart power strip for your home office, or petition your boss to have smart strips installed throughout your workspace.

These intuitive outlets automatically sense when devices like printers aren’t being used, and cut the power to save tons of energy. Your electric bill will thank you (not to mention the planet).

The Magic Envelope

Instead of finding better ways to organize your files, why not get rid of your files altogether?

Not to toot our own horns or anything, but Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope remains one of our favorite office supplies to stay organized, prevent clutter and go paperless.

Sure, you could spend a bunch of money (and trees) on a new hard copy filing system. Or, you could digitize that filing system in a matter of minutes.

Whatever’s cluttering your workspace – stacks of hard copy documents, piles of receipts, billions of business cards – it can all be tossed into a big blue Shoeboxed envelope and whisked away to our trusty scanning team.

Your files will then be scanned, digitized and labeled within your Shoeboxed account, making those new filing folders or a new filing cabinet sort of, well, 2003.

What are your favorite digital and traditional office supplies to stay organized?

Photo: modcloth.com