With Gmail, it is easy to set up filters that will automatically forward certain email messages to another address based on rules that you set. This can be helpful for use with Shoeboxed, as you can train your Gmail account to forward email receipts to Shoeboxed, where they can be better organized into categories, generate statistics, and be integrated with your paper receipts.

I went through and created what is hopefully a handy guide to help you set up filtering on your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, but you want one, you can sign up for free at www.gmail.com. Let’s get started!

  1. In your account, click on “Settings” in the top right corner.
  2. Click on “Filters” tab and then click “Create a new filter”
  3. Here is where Gmail asks you to set up rules for which emails it should automatically forward to Shoeboxed. I played around with this for a little bit using their “Test Search” feature, but I had pretty good success with putting “receipt” OR “purchase in the Subject field and revolution OR alert OR “You Have a New” in the “Doesn’t have” field. This makes it so that anything with the words receipt or purchase in the subject line will be forwarded on. The words that I chose for the “Doesn’t have” category rule out blog updates (because our blog is called Receipt Revolution), Google Alerts that I get for receipt-related info, and of course, notifications from Shoeboxed that I get when I have new receipts.
  4. Click “Next Step” and you’ll be taken to a page with more settings. Click the checkbox “Forward it to:” and enter in your Shoeboxed email address (yourusername@shoeboxed.com) and click “Create Filter”. If you want to send in all your past email receipts, also check the box “Also apply filter to ## conversations below.”
  5. Wait and watch the email receipts come into your Shoeboxed account!

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