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“I am so glad that I was using Shoeboxed diligently to keep track of all my important business documents so I had all the documentation I needed to submit (and receive!) my insurance claim of over $10,000.”

-David Asman

David Asman

Introducing: David Asman

Profession: Owner, Athens Bagel Company

Location: Athens, Georgia

Find them: @AthensBagel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Shoeboxed: Hi David! Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us. Let’s start with a little background on you.

David Asman: Sure. I’m a 31 year old Athens, GA resident. Athens has been my home for 13 years since I moved here in 2010 to attend the University of Georgia. I graduated from UGA with a Chemistry degree and bartended for over seven years before opening up Athens Bagel Company.

SBX: Had you always known you wanted to be a small business owner? How did Athens Bagel Company come to be?


DA: I didn’t grow up thinking I’d be a small business owner, but after bartending for so long and learning, that business entrepreneurship started growing on me.  Athens is a great college town but was missing a bagel shop.  A friend and I got together and decided we’d open one up — having never baked a bagel (or even worked in a restaurant)!  Almost three years later we have spawned a couple of competitors, but are still the fan favorite in town.

SBX: That’s awesome– good for you! So since Athens Bagel Company is your first business, we bet it took you awhile to figure out workflows that worked for you. For example, how did you track receipts and invoices before using Shoeboxed?

DA: I used to scan my receipts, invoices, and all important documents for the bagel shop manually, and then I’d save them as PDFs on my computer. It was a mess. Nothing was searchable and it took up both physical and digital space…plus it required actively sitting at the scanner and naming each file. It didn’t work. Now I don’t have to spend time keeping up with all the paperwork, and I no longer have a filing cabinet full of documents and a hard drive full of unsearchable documents! Shoeboxed resolved all my issues — I’m so glad I found you guys!

SBX: We are too! When we first chatted, you mentioned you had quite a story to share about how Shoeboxed help save your business. Would you mind sharing it?

Athens Bagel Company

DA: Absolutely. About three and a half months ago, we had a fire sprinkler go off in our kitchen around 4:30a.m., shortly after my baker had arrived for the day. The shutoff for the system is located in an adjacent building that we didn’t have access to at that time, and the only person that did have access was unreachable for about two hours.

The sprinkler heads in our building put out approximately 50 gallons of water per minute, so you can imagine how much water had accumulated in the shop. The fire department did their best to contain the water, but there was still considerable damage to the building, equipment, food, and supplies.

While filling out the insurance documents, I was required to provide full receipt details for everything that was damaged in the shop. We have a variety of vendors and place several orders every week, and many of the food items vary in price across different orders. Making that report was daunting enough, but it would have been impossible without the help of Shoeboxed to provide exact dates/prices/payment details along with a PDF that I could send along to the insurance adjuster as proof of purchase. I am so glad that I was using Shoeboxed diligently to keep track of all my important business documents so I had all the documentation I needed to submit (and receive!) my insurance claim of over $10,000.

SBX: And we’re glad that we could help you after such an unfortunate event– and even more thrilled that Athens Bagel Company is open and thriving! :) So what would you say is the biggest benefit you get from using Shoeboxed?

DA: Something is always going on in the restaurant business… there are no slow days or slow times. We are open seven days a week, and I work each and every one of them. After writing checks, I can simply stuff my invoices in a Magic Envelope and send them to you guys when the envelope gets full. I don’t have to sit at my desk scanning and saving documents. Even when I did do it that way, I ended up with something that I couldn’t readily use. You save me time and money (and space!) by taking all of that off my hands.

SBX: Well, you just made our day, David! Our favorite part of building Shoeboxed is creating something that saves small business owners time, effort and money. What’s your favorite part of Shoeboxed?

DA: I love the search functionality, especially on the iOS app. It allows me to compare my costs across vendors and over time. I’ll often meet with new vendors and I’m instantly able to compare prices on my iPhone. It’s so quick and easy, and just another way that Shoeboxed helps me save money.

SBX: We’ve never heard that before, but it’s an awesome way to use Shoeboxed! Thanks for sharing. Anything else you want to share?

DA: Yes– if you’re considering using it, sign up now! Shoeboxed is the best filing cabinet ever.

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